13 Best Karting Shoes of 2023 – Detailed Review


As a go-kart racer seeking to advance to the next level, acquiring the proper equipment is paramount. A great pair of karting shoes is essential for a successful racing experience. Often referred to as go-kart racing shoes or karting boots, having the right footwear can mean victory and defeat.

Well, not really, but people like to say that to justify buying more expensive stuff. Alrighty, then, let’s move on.

Comfort and control are key elements when it comes to the race track. Your focus must be maintained, so your karting shoes must provide adequate ventilation and be comfortable. Furthermore, excellent pedal control is crucial to ensure optimal acceleration and braking. Investing in the perfect pair of karting shoes can give you a distinct advantage and help you reach your kart racing goals.

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Top 10 Karting Shoe Reviews

We’ve scoured the market and reviewed the top 10 go-kart racing shoes. Our team of experts has carefully tested and evaluated each shoes based on materials, features, comfort, and build quality. Here’s a glimpse of the 10 best karting shoes on the market:

Alpinestars Tech 1-T Karting Shoes


  • Perforation zones for cooling and airflow
  • Dual closure system
  • Para-aramidic fiber lining
  • Perforated tongue padding
  • Low-cut rear collar.

Construction & Protection

The Alpinestars Tech 1-T karting shoes are the epitome of performance-enhancing footwear. The anatomically designed upper construction features premium bovine leather and suede, with a suede collar for added style. The cutaway section at the heel optimizes pedal operation, and the single-layer Velcro strap with hidden loops provides a snug and unrestricted fit.

These racing shoes boast a game-changing rubber sole that resembles an asymmetric tire tread for a water-repellent and oil-resistant grip. The midsole offers exceptional cushioning, while the Nomex® lining protects the entire foot against heat.

The outer toe protector and fireproof PU midsole provide durability and comfort, and the boot complies with FIA and SFI homologation standards.

In conclusion, these Alpinestars karting shoes are designed to meet the demands of even the most competitive racers. With a focus on lightweight construction and unparalleled protection, these boots are FIA and SFI certified for the ultimate kart racing experience. The perfect fusion of style, comfort, and protection, these shoes lead the pack in karting footwear.

Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes


  • 3D dimensional ankle protection
  • Speed lace system
  • Ankle hook and loop strap
  • Microfiber upper
  • TPR toe reinforcement
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Improved fit and secure closure
  • External TPR toe reinforcement for stability.

Construction & Protection

The Sektor Vented Karting Shoes boasts a sleek design that’s as stylish as protective. Its lightweight microfiber upper is engineered to be feather-light yet abrasion-resistant, while the perforations and metallic mesh vent enhance ventilation and promote a comfortable walking experience.

The shoe’s flex areas on the heel and instep provide extra comfort, and the internal protective toe box and heel counter safeguard the driver’s feet from impacts.

The Sektor Vented Shoes is built with safety in mind. Its 3D mesh enhances ventilation, and the internal protective toe box and heel counter ensure maximum protection for the driver’s feet. The shoe’s lightweight sole offers excellent grip and shock absorption, and the integrated support shank provides added rigidity.

The 3D dimensional ankle protection is snug-fitting and lightweight, providing streamlined protection that’s both stylish and safe.

In conclusion, the Sektor Vented Shoes are a marvel of racing footwear, a perfect combination of protection, comfort, and fit. It’s CE certified for safety, and the speed lace system and ankle strap provide a secure and personalized fit. Whether behind the wheel or walking, the Sektor Vented Shoes are a great choice for any high-performance racing driver.

Chicane Mens GT1 SFI Karting Shoes


  • Slip Resistant and Non-Marking Rubber sole
  • Lightweight, strong, and comfortable kangaroo leather uppers
  • Polyurethane midsoles for cushioning
  • Premium insoles for comfort and precision fit
  • Scratch rubber abrasion patches for durability
  • Soft padded collars for ankle articulation
  • Fire Retardant linings for flame protection
  • SFI certified SFI 3.5/5

Construction & Protection

The Chicane GT1 is the epitome of high-performance driving footwear. Designed for the serious racer who won’t settle for anything less than the best, this shoe features a range of innovative features to enhance comfort and performance.

The slip-resistant, non-marking Michelin rubber soles, and the Pilot Sport tread design provide excellent traction and grip. At the same time, the kangaroo leather uppers are perforated for breathability and offer a lightweight, strong fit.

The Chicane GT1 takes safety to the next level, with fire-retardant linings, SFI certifications, and scratch rubber abrasion patches providing durability in high-wear areas. The polyurethane midsoles provide excellent cushioning, while the premium insoles offer comfort and a precision fit in and out of the car.

The soft padded collar mesh inserts also allow for good ankle articulation in the pedal box. This karting shoe is perfect for the serious racer demanding top performance, lightweight comfort, breathability, and pedal sensitivity.

Chicane Mens GT2 SFI Karting Shoes


  • Designed for club racers, TT, and HPDE drivers
  • Durable, lightweight, and comfortable
  • PU midsole for cushioning
  • Soft abrasion-resistant leather for comfort & durability
  • Premium insoles for comfort and precision fit
  • Scratch rubber patches for durability
  • Soft padded collars for ankle articulation
  • Fire retardant linings for flame protection
  • SFI certifications SFI 3.5/5.
  • Full Review

Construction & Protection

For comfort and durability, the Chicane GT2 is a top-performing driving shoe made of soft abrasion-resistant top-grain cowhide leather. The rubber soles feature the Pilot Sport tread design, are non-marking and anti-static, and are resistant to fuel and oil.

Polyurethane midsoles provide excellent cushioning, while traditional lacing and Velcro strap ensure a secure fit. The brand of premium insoles offers a comfortable and precise fit in and out of the car.

The Chicane GT2 also prioritizes safety, featuring fire-retardant linings that are both soft and comfortable to wear. These linings provide flame protection, while the SFI certifications (SFI 3.5/5) add extra security.

The soft padded collars allow for good ankle articulation in the pedal box, and scratch-resistant rubber abrasion patches ensure durability in high-wear areas. The GT2 is specifically designed for club racers, TT, and HPDE drivers seeking premium quality and top performance.

Chicane Mens GT3 SFI


  • Michelin rubber soles with anti-static, fuel, and oil resistance
  • Cowhide suede uppers for comfort and durability
  • Polyurethane midsoles for cushioning
  • Traditional lacing and Velcro Strap for a secure fit
  • Premium insoles for comfort and precision fit
  • Scratch rubber abrasion patches for durability
  • Soft padded collars for ankle articulation
  • Fire Retardant linings for safety
  • SFI certified for top safety standards.

Construction & Protection

With unparalleled precision and flair, the Chicane GT3 SFI Fire Retardant Suede Motorsport Race Car Driving Shoes are crafted to embody the ultimate combination of style and functionality. Designed specifically for track drivers seeking comfortable and protective kart racing shoes, this footwear is packed with features that offer a top-notch driving experience.

Embodying a spirit of safety and security, the Chicane GT3 boasts exceptional protection features that keep drivers on track. From its flame-resistant linings to its anti-static, fuel, and oil-resistant rubber soles, these kart racing shoes are engineered to deliver the highest level of protection to their wearers.

Sparco Omega KB-6


  • Minimal stitching
  • New compound ultra-thin F1 specification grip sole
  • Strategically positioned laser-cut perforation zones
  • Breathable fabric inserts and genuine leather
  • Breathable inner lining
  • Anatomical insole
  • Reinforcing in the area of the malleolus and rear elasticized insert
  • New asymmetric external side reinforcing rubber sole
  • Closure strap through the ring

Construction & Protection

The Sparco Omega KB-6 karting shoe is a fusion of form and function, crafted with a soft leather upper that combines style and comfort with perforations for ventilation. The asymmetrical rubber sole is reinforced laterally for excellent grip and pedal feel, while the anti-slip, anti-static design enhances safety on the track.

The Omega KB-6 Shoes prioritize safety with a pressed fabric, suede leather inserts for scuff resistance, and a breathable inner lining to wick sweat from the feet. The anatomically placed insole supports the heel, allowing maximum movement freedom, while the elasticized heel cuff improves mobility and fit for increased driving precision. The single Velcro strap creates a secure fit and compliments the supportive uppers.

In conclusion, the Sparco Omega KB-6 Karting Shoes are a great combination of style and functionality, crafted with a soft leather upper and perforations for ventilation. The shoe prioritizes safety with anti-slip and anti-static features, breathable fabric, scuff resistance leather inserts, and an anatomically placed insole for maximum driving precision.

Alpinestars Tech 1-K Start


  • Rubber soles for kart racing
  • Durable microfiber upper
  • Integrated construction for comfort and breathability
  • Anatomical shoe design for fit and performance
  • Perforated for improved cooling.

Construction & Protection

The Alpinestars Tech 1-K Start karting shoes are built to last, using durable and lightweight microfiber as the main upper construction. The integrated design features a perforated microfiber and a soft inner lining to deliver comfort and breathability.

The foot counter is a multi-compound, ergonomic polypropylene heel counter that provides support, protection, and stability, plus an integrated PU fireproof heel for extra comfort.

Designed specifically for the stresses of kart racing, the Tech-1 K Start karting shoes feature a sleek profile that follows foot anatomy, ensuring a great fit and performance. The collar padding is constructed from Nitrile rubber, providing comfort and weight-saving benefits, while the external heel is made from real rubber for improved abrasion resistance and protection.

In conclusion, the kart racing shoes perfectly blend durability, comfort, and protection for kart racers. The microfiber upper and perforated design provides breathability, while the polypropylene heel counter and PU fireproof heel offer support and stability.

The Nitrile rubber collar padding and real rubber external heel offer additional comfort and protection against abrasions. These karting shoes are designed to deliver a great fit and performance for kart racing.

Sparco Gamma KB-4


  • Durable microfiber material for abrasion resistance and lightweight performance
  • Breathable inner lining for comfort
  • Anatomic footbed with the shock-absorbing heel area
  • Asymmetrical sole for improved lateral support

Construction & Protection

The Sparco Gamma KB-4 karting shoes are the epitome of high performance and durability. These karting shoes are expertly durable and crafted from top-notch suede leather, with a sleek and sporty design that features contrasting upper portions.

The mid-boot design and the impact-absorbing inner soles offer enhanced grip and support while racing. The asymmetrical design takes it up a notch, providing unbeatable pedal control by reinforcing the pivot points of your feet.

The mesh panel on the upper enhances ventilation and airflow, providing exceptional comfort even in the most intense races. The full-lace closure offers unrivaled support and stability, while the inner lining and anatomical insoles with impact absorption at the heel ensure your feet are protected and cushioned.

In conclusion, the Sparco Gamma KB-4 karting shoes are ideal for serious racers. With a sporty and stylish design, these kart racing shoes are crafted from high-quality suede for long-lasting durability. The mid-boot design and impact-absorbing inner soles provide enhanced grip and support, and the asymmetrical design reinforces the pivot points of your feet for unbeatable pedal control.

The mesh panel and full-lace closure offer excellent ventilation and stability. The breathable inner lining and anatomical insoles with impact absorption ensure your feet are well-protected and comfortable during intense races.

Simpson MT-BKKarting Racing Shoes


  • Single speed-fit closure system
  • Achilles relief cut for flexibility
  • Fleece fire-retardant lining for protection
  • Satin suede reinforcement at the toe, heel, and lace guard
  • Triple-layer toe protection for added durability
  • Non-slip PU sole with posi-grip traction for stability

Construction & Protection

The Simpson MT-BK Karting Shoes are constructed with a sleek black satin suede upper reinforced with grey on the toe, heel, and lace guard for added durability. The shoes feature a single-speed fit closure that locks away Nomex laces for added safety and an Achilles relief cut for increased karting shoe flexibility. The interior of the shoes is lined with fire-retardant fleece for extra safety.

The Simpson MT-BK Karting Shoes are SFI 3.3/5 certified, making them a trusted choice in professional go-kart races. The shoes are specifically designed with three-layered toe protection, ensuring added durability and longevity. The PU sole provides non-slip, super sensitive posi-grip traction, allowing for grip in wet and dry conditions.

In conclusion, the Simpson MT-BK karting shoes are a good choice for go-kart racers who demand design and performance. With their sophisticated design, high-quality materials, and durable, impressive safety features, these shoes will meet the demands of even the most demanding racers.

OMP KS-3 Karting Racing Shoes


  • Elastic padded material for comfort and fit
  • Available in sizes for both kids and adults
  • Classic full-lace design
  • Custom sole engineered for kart racing
  • Includes additional laces for customization.

Construction & Protection

Step into the world of high-performance kart racing shoes with the OMP KS-3 shoes. These footwear marvels are made of premium-grade suede leather, offering a sophisticated and modern look that sets them apart. The anatomical design of these shoes perfectly wraps around your feet, providing unparalleled pedal control on the go-kart track.

Don’t let sweaty feet and socks ruin your race! The mesh inserts on both sides of these shoes promote air ventilation, preventing slippage caused by sweat. The sole is custom-made by OMP to fit your feet like a glove, offering optimal grip.

Meanwhile, the rear inserts are cushioned with elastic, ensuring improved comfort, especially with the padded ankle. The OMP KS-3 kart racing shoes feature double layers on the sides, making them robust and resistant to abrasions so you can race confidently and safely.

In conclusion, the OMP KS-3 Karting Shoes epitomizes shoe quality, style, comfort, strength, lightweight, and durability. Since its introduction, it has set the standard for all manufacturers of karting shoes and is one of the most popular karting shoes on the track today.

The latest version of the KS-3 features incremental improvements throughout the shoe and striking brand-new color options. Whether an amateur or a professional kart racer, these comfortable and stylish shoes can meet your demanding racing needs.

Alpinestars Tech 1-KZ Kart Shoes


  • Technical features from Formula 1
  • Asymmetric instep lacing with wire filament closure system for lightweight support
  • Anatomical forefoot profile
  • External reinforcements on heel and ankles for protection and performance
  • Minimal stitching
  • Ultra-thin F1 specification grip sole
  • Laser-cut perforation zones for breathability
  • Advanced design for karting

Construction & Protection

The Alpinestars Tech 1-KZ kart racing shoes feature advanced seamless thermo-welded construction, which consists of ultra-thin PU film and 3D mesh inserts.

This construction provides supremely lightweight performance and maximum foot sensitivity, resulting in a “sock-like” effect that eliminates pressure points on the foot for excellent comfort and fit. The perforated upper body enhances airflow, keeping your feet cool during intense races.

The new Tech-1 KZ Shoes provide excellent protection through their external heel, ankle, and internal toe reinforcements for abrasion resistance and protection. The dual asymmetric closure system incorporates an adjustable ultra-thin hook-and-loop grip strap plus aramidic speed top lacing. The lace-lock system is constructed from an advanced polymer resin that guarantees the shoe’s quick, light weight precise, and secure closure.

In conclusion, the innovative Alpinestars foot counter, made of ergonomic polypropylene, provides support and stability inside the shoe. In contrast, the flatter forefoot with die-cut ribbing provides a greater feel on the pedals.

RaceQuip 303 Karting Shoes


  • Flame retardant Pyrovatex liner
  • Padded ankles
  • Achilles flex opening for easy foot extension
  • Reinforced lace area
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Molded rubber sole for extra support

Construction & Protection

Embrace American style with the RaceQuip 303 Shoes, specifically designed for the karting enthusiast. These mid-top shoes boast a sleek black suede leather exterior with eye-catching stitching designs around the toes, ankle, and lace guard.

The interior features a flame-retardant Pyrovatex lining, providing extra comfort and support, with padded ankles for added cushioning. The Achilles heel support further enhances the sturdy construction, allowing maximum flexibility during high-speed action.

The RaceQuip 303 kart racing shoes are designed with safety in mind, meeting or exceeding the SFI 3.3A/5 rating. The extra Velcro strap ensures a secure fit, while the molded rubber sole with unique cuts provides a strong grip on the pedals, no matter the weather conditions.

The rolled-up sole at the back of the heel enhances pedal control, making these shoes a standout choice for karting enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the RaceQuip 303 kart racing shoes are sleek, black suede leather karting shoes with a flame-retardant Pyrovatex lining, padded ankles, Achilles heel support, and Velcro strap for a secure fit. The molded rubber sole with unique cuts provides a strong grip on the pedals, meeting or exceeding the SFI 3.3A/5 rating, making these shoes stand out for karting enthusiasts.

The RaceQuip Euro Carbon-L


  • Reinforced lace area
  • Double-stitched seams
  • High-traction molded rubber sole
  • Carbon-L wear pads for protection and durability
  • Soft suede leather outer layer with European styling
  • Flame-retardant Pyrovatex liner with padded ankles and arch support
  • Achilles flex opening for easy foot extension
  • Light weight design weighs 30% less than standard racing shoe

Construction & Protection

The RaceQuip Euro Carbon-L kart racing shoes are made from premium materials that are great for kart racing. The shoes’ exterior features sleek black suede leather that showcases traditional European style with its intricate stitching pattern along the front. These karting shoes are fitted with a Pyrovatex interior and elevated support around the heel for added comfort and a secure fit.

One of the key features of these shoes is the Carbon-L padding on both sides, providing extra toughness and protection against wear and tear. The reinforced lace area and double-stitched seams enhance the shoes’ strength, making them suitable for high-performance kart racing.

The high-traction molded rubber sole rolls up the back of the shoe, providing extra support for the foot. The shoes also feature RaceQuip’s unique Achilles flex opening in the back, allowing for easy foot extension during races.

In conclusion, the RaceQuip Euro Carbon-L shoes are made from premium black suede leather with intricate European-style stitching and Pyrovatex interior for improved comfort. These shoes offer extra toughness and protection with Carbon-L padding, reinforced lace area, double-stitched seams, and a high-traction molded rubber sole with a rolled-up back for added foot support.

Additionally, the unique Achilles flex opening in the back allows for easy foot extension during races.

Choosing the Right Karting Shoes – A Buying Guide

Kart racing requires specialized footwear to ensure safety and performance. With various karting shoes available, selecting the right pair can be overwhelming. This karting shoe buying guide focuses on key factors such as size, comfort, closure, fabric, features, price, and design to help you choose the perfect karting shoes.

Size Matters

Karting shoes must fit well to ensure comfort and effective pedal control. Too tight or loose shoes can cause discomfort and negatively impact your performance.

size chart

Comfort is Key

Uncomfortable equipment can cause distraction during a race. Hence, choosing karting shoes that fit well and are comfortable is crucial. Wearing socks with kart racing shoes can also improve the fit and absorb sweat. Ensure your socks cover your ankles, as karting shoes often have a higher top.

Closure Options

Different closure systems are used to secure karting shoes on your feet. Choosing a closure system that ensures your shoes stay in place without falling loose during a race is important.

  • Velcro Closure: This closure system uses hooks and loops to fasten the racing shoes securely.
  • Lace Closure: Traditional shoelaces are used to tie up karting shoes. This closure system allows for tighter front-to-top fastening but can be dangerous if the laces come loose and get caught in the tires.
  • Dual Closure: This system combines Velcro and laces, providing a secure and safe option.

Fabric Options

The high-speed pursuit style of kart racing calls for a robust, durable, specialized pair of kart racing shoes that seamlessly blends strength, lightness, and protection. Among the contenders in karting shoe fabrics, leather, suede leather, and Nomex stand out.

  • Leather – The most meticulous drivers seek the epitome of luxury and longevity, leather. With its unparalleled durability and incomparable comfort, leather promises a steadfast safeguard for the feet. However, such quality doesn’t come cheap, and leather is one of the costliest materials in kart racing shoes.
  • Suede leather – fashioned from split leather, boasts abrasion-resistant qualities, making it a favored material for shoes. Although it falls short compared to leather in terms of durability, suede still delivers an acceptable level of protection. Its affordability is a pro for those seeking a compromise between price and performance.
  • Nomex – a synthetic fiber blend, is the newest player in the motorsports arena. It boasts remarkable strength and flame-resistant properties, making it a top choice for karting shoes. Nomex offers the same level of protection as leather and suede but with the added advantage of increased safety in a fire.


Karting shoes are a must-have for any serious go-kart racer. Beyond the basic features required for safety and protection, these shoes can be customized to meet the wearer’s specific needs. From perforated ventilation to Achilles Heel support, racers can choose the perfect pair of racing shoes to improve their performance and overall experience.


There’s no need to break the bank for a great pair of karting shoes when it comes to cost. Inexpensive options at around $70 offer basic features for entry-level racers, while mid-range shoes priced between $100 and $180 are great for those looking for additional features. For premium performance, karting shoes can cost upwards of $300.


But style shouldn’t be neglected either. Racers should choose a shoe design that speaks to their taste, from traditional European to modern minimalist, while keeping in mind that the primary purpose of these shoes is to protect and enhance their racing performance. So, the function should always be prioritized over form.

In conclusion, finding the best go-kart racing shoes is essential for ensuring optimal performance on the track. With so many brands and manufacturers producing high-quality options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right pair.

However, by considering important factors such as slip resistance, comfort, breathability, and protection, you can pick the perfect pair for you.

Whether you prefer the classic feel of traditional lacing or the convenience of Velcro straps, there’s a kart racing shoe to suit your needs. Don’t forget to pair your karting shoes with racing socks for added comfort and performance. You can tackle the track confidently and quickly with the right shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Go-Kart Racing Shoes and Auto Racing Shoes?

Although go-kart and auto-racing shoes share some similarities in terms of their purpose, they differ in their design to meet the specific needs of each racing type.

Go-kart racing shoes are made with lightweight, breathable materials that provide a greater range of motion and flexibility and a softer, more pliable sole that offers better pedal traction.

Auto racing shoes, on the other hand, prioritize maximum protection and support for the feet and ankles, featuring fire-resistant materials and lighter, stiffer soles that provide better support for the feet during long races.

Ultimately, go-kart racing shoes focus on flexibility and grip, while auto-racing shoes prioritize protection and support.

What are the Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Go-Kart Racing Shoes?

When choosing go-kart racing shoes, there are several important factors to consider. Firstly, the shoes should fit properly and be comfortable for long periods.

  • They should also provide a good grip on the pedals and steering wheel for precise control over the kart.
  • The shoes should be made from lightweight, breathable materials that provide flexibility and ease of movement.
  • Additionally, the soles of the shoes should be soft and pliable to maximize pedal grip. It is also important to consider the level of protection the shoes provide in case of a crash or impact.
  • Finally, the shoe cost should also be considered, as some brands may be more expensive.


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