Dominate The Terrain: Discover The 5 Best Off-Road Go-Karts For The Ultimate Adventure!

Off-road go-karting is a thrilling sport that takes you on a wild ride through various natural terrains such as sand, mud, rocks, riverbeds, and other rough landscapes far from the smoothness of pawed roads. The heart-pumping excitement of zipping through tight passages, scaling rugged terrain, and drifting on sand demands a special breed of a kart—the off-road go-kart.

Though often referred to as “dune buggies” or “off-road buggies,” the most appropriate term for these bad boys is “off-road go-karts.”

The critical distinction between off-road buggies and other off-road vehicles lies in the presence of a crucial component known as a differential. Unlike other off-road vehicles, off-road go-karts do not have a differential, which provides them with a unique advantage on the racetrack.

The absence of this part allows the wheels to turn at different speeds, giving off-road go-karts better traction and maneuverability when navigating sharp turns. This makes the off-road, drifting experience even more exhilarating than other go-kart variants with a differential.

Best Off-Road Go-Karts Reviews

This expertly curated review intends to enlighten you on the most exceptional off-road go-karts in the market and provide you with the knowledge you need to make a savvy decision. The market is teeming with options, and determining the superiority of one kit over another can be a perplexing task.

However, I have taken it upon myself to rigorously judge each kart based on its fun factor, features, value-to-price proportion, and build quality, ensuring you have all the facts at your fingertips.

It’s worth mentioning that some of the products featured in this list may be affiliated links, which play a crucial role in keeping this website thriving. I will update this list to keep you ahead of the curve regarding the latest and greatest off-road go-karts.

To put it briefly, without further ado, here are the top 10 off-road go-karts that will unleash the thrill-seeker in you and take your racing experience to uncharted territory.

If you don’t feel like reading the whole article, here are our recommendations of what we think are the best off-road go-karts:

  • Best Overall – Coleman Powersports KT196
  • Best Value – FRP Baja-X 48V 1000W Brushless Electric Go-Kart
  • Most Fun to Drive – X-PRO Rover 125cc Go-Kart

If you are not into off-road fun and are looking for racing go-karts, read Best Go-Karts for Kids of All Ages in 2023, or maybe even 7 Best Drift Karts for Kids of all Sizes if you are into drift karts.

Coleman Powersports KT196

The Coleman Powersports KT196 exudes a commanding presence and comes at a dramatically lower price than some off-road go-karts with similar capabilities. Its 6.5-hp engine, with a displacement of 196 cc, can carry weights up to 400 pounds and reach speeds beyond the 30-mph mark with ease thanks to the torque converter system that adds extra power to tackle any off-road terrain. The low-pressure tires provide superior traction and a smooth ride, making this kart a formidable contender.


  • 196cc/6.5hp engine for powerful and efficient performance
  • Easy pull start operation and smooth CVT system
  • Four-point safety harness and padded roll cage for security
  • Padded seats for two passengers with a storage rack
  • Kill switch for quick power off and hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping
  • Suitable for all ages, 400 lb load capacity, top speed of 15 mph

Safety features include a four-point harness and a padded roll cage, ensuring you can whip around confidently. The seats are plushly padded for maximum comfort, and the KT196’s hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power.


  • Brand: Coleman
  • Engine Displacement: 196cc
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.95 gallons
  • Ground Clearance: 6 inches
  • Horsepower: 6.5 hp
  • Top Speed: 15 mph
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Occupant Capacity: 2
  • Product Dimensions: 47.25 inches height, 68 inches length, 44 inches width
  • Warranty: 90 days


  • Good quality go-kart
  • Easy to assemble
  • Starts up well
  • Great for kids and family fun
  • Affordable
  • Can handle off-road terrain
  • Good customer service
  • Comes well packaged
  • Fast and provides a sense of speed
  • Good for essential maintenance.


  • No hardware included
  • Rattling in the engine
  • Requires additional hardware to put together
  • Not suitable for adults
  • Poor performance and requires frequent maintenance.
  • Engine issues and warranty issues
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor delivery service with damages to the product

*Pros and Cons sections are based on the actual customer reviews.

Read the Full Coleman Powersports KT196 Review

Coleman Powersports Website

X-PRO Rover 125cc Go-Kart

For those living in California, I’m sorry that you cannot buy this product due to your state laws. This go-kart is fueled by a reliable and robust 125cc Zongshen engine, ensuring its longevity and performance.


  • Upgraded 125cc Zongshen engine for reliable and powerful performance
  • Larger frame and height compared to other 125cc vehicles
  • Oversized 8″ tires for improved stability
  • Ideal for parents and children to ride together
  • Adjustable driver’s seat
  • Semi-Automatic transmission with 1 Reverse + N + 3-speed
  • Electric start system and CDI ignition
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and hydraulic spring shock absorbers
  • LED headlights and dashboard

The GKD200 stands apart from 125cc vehicles with its larger frame and overall height, making it suitable for kids as young as seven, with room for growth. Not just for kids, this go-kart is also designed to accommodate smaller-sized adults, providing a thrilling experience for families and friends to share. The larger-than-average 19×7-8″ and 18×9.5-8″ tire combination ensures greater stability and comfort during rides.

Individual bucket seats offer an extremely comfortable and safe experience, each equipped with its harness belt. The adjustable driver’s seat accommodates riders and drivers of all ages and body sizes. The GKD200 125CC Go Kart is a top choice for families seeking to ride together and those who value their vehicles’ comfort and versatility.


  • Brand: Zongshen Engine
  • Displacement: 125cc
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, 1-cylinder
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7 liters
  • Ground Clearance: 10 inches
  • Horsepower: 5.9KW/7500r/min
  • Top Speed: 35+ mph
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: Overall Length: 75″, Overall Width: 45″, Overall Height: 54″
  • Warranty: Not specified in the text


  • Shipped faster than expected and easy to put together
  • More power than expected
  • Good customer service (replied the same day)
  • Loved by the son
  • Plenty of low-end torque
  • Fun to drive
  • Reverse is a luxury
  • More power and quieter than anticipated
  • Good for both adults and kids


  • The throttle was stuck wide open (fixed by taking apart the carburetor)
  • Poor customer service (did not respond to emails)
  • Missing parts (lug nuts, strap for battery, and some bolts)
  • The broken frame (cheap metal)
  • Denied refund or return
  • Bad experience with the company Xpro USA
  • Unhappy with the cost and not complete

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XProUSA Website

FamilyGoKarts GK110 Go-Kart

The GK110 – a marvel of engineering from Tao, a renowned off-road vehicle maker, encapsulates all the features of a full-sized buggy within its miniature form, tailored to the whims of young thrill-seekers.

With its adjustable seat, adjustable to a distance between 27.5 to 31 inches from the pedals, the GK110 offers a one-of-a-kind off-roading experience to kids of varying heights and ages, ensuring maximum comfort and support during extended rides.

No products found.


  • Adjustable seat with a seat-to-pedal distance from 27.5 to 31 inches
  • Low-maintenance, four-stroke engine with an automatic transmission with reverse
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and rugged tubular steel frame
  • 16-inch, all-terrain tires and 3.5 inches of ground clearance for superior handling on any trail
  • 54-inch wheelbase for a stable and secure platform for kids
  • Parental remote control for added safety and peace of mind
  • Option to add a speed limiter
  • The epitome of safety, comfort, and performance

The GK110 flaunts a low-maintenance, four-stroke engine and an automatic transmission with reverse, delivering a smooth and dependable performance that is effortless. The hydraulic disc brakes, combined with the robust tubular steel frame, provide excellent stopping power, stability, and durability to the vehicle, making it an ideal choice for kids who crave outdoor adventures.

The 16-inch, all-terrain tires, boasting a ground clearance of 3.5 inches, are larger than most youth-sized go-karts, providing superior handling on any trail. In contrast, the 54-inch wheelbase provides a stable and secure platform for kids to embark on escapades.

Parents can rest easy with the GK110, as it comes equipped with a parental remote control, enabling them to control the speed of the go-kart from a distance. This feature and the option to install a speed limiter offer safety and peace of mind to parents, particularly for younger kids who are still honing their off-roading skills.


  • Brand: FamilyGoKarts
  • Engine Displacement: Not specified
  • Engine Type: Four-Stroke
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Ground Clearance: 3.5 inches
  • Horsepower: Not specified
  • Top Speed: Not specified
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Not specified
  • Product Dimensions: 65 x 43 x 44 inches
  • Warranty: Not specified


  • Comes with a parental remote control
  • Adjustable seat to accommodate different heights and ages
  • Low-maintenance, four-stroke engine and automatic transmission with reverse
  • Full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and a rugged tubular steel frame
  • 16-inch, all-terrain tires and a 54-inch wheelbase for stability
  • Some customers report that their kids love it and have a blast using it
  • Good customer support


  • Difficult assembly process with poor instructions
  • Some bolts fall out or snap after a short amount of use
  • Steering gear can snap with rough usage
  • Poor range of the parental remote control
  • Some customers report missing parts in their package
  • Engine seals can break and require replacement
  • Poor quality control, with some customers reporting broken headlamps and incorrect instructions on the CD.

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Family Go-Karts Website

FRP Baja-X 48V Electric Go-Kart

The FRP Baja-X 48V 1000W Electric Go Kart is an exciting and safe option for young thrill-seekers. With its high-tensile steel construction, the go-kart can support riders up to 175 lbs and reach speeds up to 20 mph. Parents can control the speed of the go-kart with the 3-speed mode parental speed control, and the safety seat belt ensures kids stay at a safe speed.


  • High-tensile steel construction for stability and support for riders up to 175 lbs.
  • Speeds of up to 20 mph for an adrenaline-fueled experience.
  • 4 pneumatic tires that are durable and can handle any terrain.
  • 3-speed mode parental speed control with a unique control key for added safety.
  • Safety seat belts to keep kids at a safe speed.
  • Up to 60 minutes of fun, depending on the speed and weight of the rider.
  • Long battery life for extended fun.
  • Perfect gift for kids who love adventure and excitement.

The go-kart also offers a smooth ride and easy stop with its foot brake and disc brake, perfect for kids just starting to explore the world of go-karts. They can enjoy up to 60 minutes of fun, depending on the speed and weight of the rider, and with its long battery life, the fun can keep going for longer. The FRP Baja-X Electric Go Kart is a great gift for kids who love adventure and excitement and is sure to bring them a lifetime of memories.


Brand: FRP

  • Engine Displacement: 1000W 48V
  • Engine Type: Electric
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: N/A
  • Ground Clearance: N/A
  • Horsepower: N/A
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 175 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: L51.5″xW33″xH34.5″
  • Warranty: 60-day


  • Good customer service and reliable shipping experience.
  • Parental speed control with 3-speed modes for added safety.
  • Sturdy construction made of high-tensile steel.
  • Can handle different terrains with durable pneumatic tires.
  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions.
  • Long battery life, providing hours of fun.
  • Suitable for kids of different ages and skill levels.


  • Batteries may only last for a few months.
  • Rollbar hole alignment may be off and require additional drilling.
  • The product may stop working after only a few months.
  • 60-day warranty period.

FRPToys Website

Coleman Powersports 98cc

This off-road go-kart is an adventure waiting to happen! Designed for thrill-seekers aged 13 and above, this machine is built to withstand the rigors of the trails, making it the perfect choice for those who crave excitement and speed.


  • 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder 98cc/3.0hp fully automatic engine
  • Easy pull-start operation
  • Low-pressure tires for a smoother ride
  • Hydraulic foot-operated disc brakes
  • Recommended for riders up to 150lbs and ages 13 and over
  • Bolstered seat and four-point safety harness
  • Heavy-duty padded roll cage
  • Kill switch for quick and easy power off
  • Heavy-duty 16- and 13-gauge tubular construction
  • Rugged, proven clutch and chain drive
  • Includes go-kart and tool kit for assembly
  • Sleek single-rider design

With its powerful 4-stroke OHV 1-cylinder engine, you’ll never have to worry about losing momentum on the trails. The engine is fully automatic and provides a muscular 3.0 horsepower output, all while being fuel efficient, so you can keep going all day without having to stop for a refill.

The go-kart’s CVT system, low-pressure tires, and hydraulic foot-operated disc brakes make for an easy and smooth ride, even on rough terrain. The bolstered race-inspired seat and four-point safety harness keep you securely in place behind the wheel, while the heavy-duty padded roll cage provides extra peace of mind. And when it’s time to take a break, the kill switch ensures a quick and easy power off.

So, why wait if you’re ready to take on the trails? Get your go-kart today and experience the rush of the road!


  • Brand: Coleman
  • Engine Displacement: 98cc
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: N/A
  • Ground Clearance: N/A
  • Horsepower: 3.0hp
  • Top Speed: N/A
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150lbs
  • Product Dimensions: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A


  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Easy pull-start operation
  • Smoother ride with low-pressure tires
  • Reliable stopping with hydraulic foot-operated disc brakes
  • Sturdy construction for long-lasting use
  • Secure with bolstered seat and four-point safety harness
  • Easy assembly with included tool kit
  • Recommended for riders up to 150lbs and ages 13 and over


  • Difficulty adding oil behind the seat
  • Carburetor may not be set properly
  • The fuel drain bolt may leak
  • Cheap parts like nuts and bolts
  • The steering bolt may come off
  • False advertising regarding the torque converter
  • May come with clogged carburetors
  • Poor instructions and blurry manual
  • Chain is dry
  • Excessive packaging and rust may need to be disposed of
  • The engine may not start right away
  • Difficult to communicate with suppliers

Buying Guide: How to Choose Off-Road Go-Karts

When selecting the ideal off-road go-kart, the possibilities are seemingly endless, each offering its unique features and benefits. To make your quest for the perfect kart less daunting, I have distilled seven key considerations that will steer you toward the kart of your dreams. These considerations include power, seat capacity, features, safety, age group, price, and design.

Power (Petrol Engine vs. Electric Motor)

Off-road go-karts give you a choice between a gas-powered engine and an electric motor. The gas-powered engine, fueled by gasoline, operates through internal combustion and is typically a 2- or 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with displacements ranging from 80 cc to 300 cc. These engines may be loud and emit fumes, but they offer a range advantage crucial for off-road racing.

Alternatively, the electric motor, powered by a lead-acid battery mounted on the frame, is brushless. This power source boasts a lighter weight and better weight distribution, low maintenance needs, fewer parts, and an eco-friendly operation. However, its range is limited, making it more suitable for smaller off-road karts or low-power off-road karts designed for kids.

In essence, both power options have unique strengths and weaknesses, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and desires. Whether you opt for the raw power of a gas-powered engine or the eco-conscious efficiency of an electric motor, you are sure to have an electrifying off-road racing experience.

Seat Capacity

The number of seats in an off-road go-kart can greatly impact your experience on the track. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one? Whether you’re a thrill-seeker embarking on a solo journey or a family of adventurers seeking a bonding experience, the seating capacity of your off-road go-kart is an important factor to consider.

Smaller off-road karts for kids often come with just one seat, making them ideal for solo adventures. These pint-sized powerhouses are perfect for kids who want to test their driving skills and explore off-road terrain. With a single seat, the focus is solely on the driver, allowing for an immersive and exciting experience.

Two-seater off-road go-karts offer the perfect balance of solo and shared excitement for youth and adult riders. These karts are designed with dual seats, allowing friends or family members to join in on the off-road fun. With two seats, you’ll have the opportunity to bond, challenge each other, and make memories on the track.

Although less common, four-seater off-road go-karts are available for families looking for a shared adventure. These karts provide a unique opportunity for families to bond and enjoy off-road thrills together. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely ride through the countryside or engage in a high-speed race, a four-seater go-kart can make for a truly memorable experience.

Features of an Off-Road Go-Kart

Off-road go-karts are a world apart from their regular racing counterparts. While the latter can be sleek, fast, and agile, off-road karts are designed to tackle rough terrain with knobby tires, shock absorbers, and a suspension system.

But not all off-road karts are created equal. Some come equipped with an array of features, while others may have just the bare essentials. Understanding what features are important for your intended use is key to making an informed purchase. Here are some features to keep an eye out for:

Safety First

Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind regarding off-road go-karting. Fortunately, most off-road go-karts are built with safety in mind, featuring a steel frame and a seat belt as standard. You should always ensure you are properly strapped in with a seat belt to stay safe in the kart if an accident occurs.

But there are other safety features that you should consider. For instance, roll cages can help protect you if your kart tumbles over. This is particularly important in off-road karting, as spills are more common on rough terrain. Roll cages are made of sturdy steel and can easily withstand impact.

However, smaller off-road go-karts are often not equipped with roll cages, as they are meant for lighter off-road use. Other features include head and tail lights, mesh sides, and a robust suspension system to absorb any unwanted impact.

Lastly, you must always wear driver safety equipment, such as a helmet and gloves.

Age Group Considerations

Off-road go-karts are designed for a specific age group, with larger karts without speed governors, and higher displacements typically meant for adults who know how to operate an off-road vehicle. Conversely, you’ll find smaller, speed-governed karts meant for kids.

There are also karts for youth that fall in between these two extremes. It is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications for suitable age and driver requirements, as a minimum age is typically recommended.


Price is a highly personal consideration, as everyone has a budget they are comfortable with. Ultimately, value is what you get for what you pay. If you’re having trouble determining your budget for an off-road go-kart, ask yourself how serious you are about off-road go-karting and how much you’re willing to spend. It’s important to remember that this will always be a personal decision.


Design is also a matter of personal preference, considering many different factors. The most obvious distinction is the style or shape of the go-kart. Some have a bulkier build, others have a broader stance, and some even have cool features like fenders or LED lights. Color is also an important aspect of design, with most off-road go-karts available in different color variants.


So there you have it, folks; this was my review of the best off-road go-karts available on Amazon at this time. I hope you have found this article entertaining enough, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Frequently Asked Questions

A plethora of questions arises when considering the purchase of an off-road go-kart. To make an informed decision, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may prove helpful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question that needs to be added to this list.

How Fast is a 200cc Off-Road Go-Kart?

The top speed of a 200cc off-road go-kart can vary based on several factors, such as the weight of the kart, the terrain it’s being used on, and the engine’s power output. On average, a 200cc off-road go-kart can reach up to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h), but some high-performance models can go even faster. However, it’s worth noting that the manufacturer’s speed governor often limits the maximum speed of a go-kart for safety reasons.

How Fast Does a 125cc Off-Road Go-Kart Go?

The top speed of a 125cc off-road go-kart can vary based on factors such as the weight of the kart, the terrain it’s being used on, and the engine’s power output. On average, a 125cc off-road go-kart can reach up to 50 miles per hour (80 km/h), but some high-performance models can go faster.

What is the Difference Between a Go-Kart and a Dune Buggy?

The distinction between a go-kart and a dune buggy is perplexing, for both are petite, open-wheeled vehicles. Yet, they have several contrasting characteristics.

Go-karts are more compact and miniature than dune buggies and are specially engineered for indoor or outdoor kart racing circuits. They possess a straightforward blueprint with a small engine, limited suspension, and a lightweight frame for high-speed, sharp turns, and short races.

On the other hand, dune buggies are designed for off-road excursions, often on dunes or rugged terrain. They boast a larger, more potent engine and a sturdy frame with enhanced suspension and ground clearance to tackle rough terrain. They are intended for leisurely off-road adventures, as opposed to racing.

How Do I Determine the Appropriate Off-Road Go-Kart Size to Purchase?

Each go-kart listed in this review has been assigned to a specific age group. The size and performance of some karts may only be suitable for a particular age group, as indicated in the specifications column.

It is important to verify the official product page’s exact specifications, such as go-kart size, age, and height requirements. Although the age group indicated here is usually sufficient, it is always best to consult the product listing or the manufacturer directly if unsure.

How Do I Clean My Off-Road Go-Kart?

Off-road go-karts are engineered to be tough and endure various terrains and weather conditions. However, it’s common for the kart to become dirty from sand, mud, and water. It is recommended to clean the kart immediately after your off-road session by simply hosing it down with water and soap using a cloth. If not cleaned immediately, mud may harden, making it more difficult to clean later.

Is Safety Gear Necessary When Off-Road Racing?

Definitely! Always wear the proper protective gear when off-road go-karting. A helmet and gloves are a must. Although the kart may have a roll cage and seat belts, it is still important to wear protective gear.

What Type of Fuel is Required for an Off-Road Go-Kart?

Whether the off-road go-kart has a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine, it will require a form of gasoline. This is not applicable if electric motor power the kart—go-kart engines commonly run on unleaded gasoline.

In the US, octane ratings typically range from 87 (regular) to 94 (premium). As long as it’s unleaded, it should be suitable. If in doubt, consult the owner’s manual, which usually indicates the appropriate fuel type.

Is Regular Maintenance Required for an Off-Road Go-Kart?

Off-road go-karts are similar to racing go-karts and require maintenance to maintain their motors and other moving parts properly. Regular inspections of the engine, braking system, clutch, tires, electronics, batteries, and lights are necessary. Check the owner’s manual for more detailed information on maintenance.

Do Off-Road Go-Karts Require Assembly After Delivery?

It’s a case-by-case scenario! Most off-road karts are large and bulky, so manufacturers often ship them partially assembled, typically 70% to 90%. You may need to assemble the wheels, roll cage, and other small items to make the kart fully functional.

The manufacturer usually provides a detailed instruction manual and, in some cases, a toolbox. It is important to check each go-kart, as different manufacturers have different practices. However, smaller off-road go-karts, mainly for kids, are shipped fully assembled due to their smaller size.

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