9 Best Places to Ride Go-Karts

Best Places to Ride Go-Karts

Due to the global health concern, many people are discovering new hobbies. One of those is go-karting. But if you have decided to buy or rent a go-kart, you might not know where you can ride it. If that is the case, today we are going to discuss the best places to ride go-karts.

Some of the places where you can ride go-kart will be common sense, and some are going to surprise you. Nevertheless less, all of these places will be great for riding your go-kart.

Some of the best places to ride go-karts discussed in this article are indoor and outdoor race tracks, dirt trail and tracks, drag strips, approved public areas, private property, and ever state road and cruise ships. You might think I am crazy to mention state roads, however here is a list of the Best Street-Legal Go-Karts.

So if you are as excited as I am to share the best places to ride go-karts, let’s dig right into it.

Indoor Go-Karting Tracks

Indoor go-karting is one of the most popular karting venues. The reason is that you can kart regardless of weather conditions outside. Professional drivers don’t mind getting wet, but most regular folks do, and indoor karting provides ideal racing conditions.

Another reason why indoor karting is popular is that you do not need to have your kart or any go-karting safety equipment; you can rent it all. Your local race track has everything you need to enjoy racing with your friends and family.

While you wait for your race time, you can relax in the waiting area, order something to eat or drink from the condiment stand. Some racing facilities even have regular cafes or even a restaurant. Just make sure you don’t consume alcoholic beverages before the race; you will not be allowed on the track.

And the last benefit of the indoor racetrack is electric go-karts. Most indoor track facilities prefer electric go-karts because they are quiet, compared to gas-powered go-karts, making a ton of noise. I am a fan of the smell of gas fumes, but most people are not, so this is the perfect facility for them

Outdoor Go-Karting Tracks

The next best place to race go-karts is the outdoor track. The main benefit of the outdoor tracks is that they are generally longer than the indoor tracks. You can even use race track for regular cars, depending on their availability in your area and their racing policies.

Outdoor race tracks are the best if you own a go-kart. Your kart does not have to look a certain way or follow specific regulations. You can pretty much ride anything you want. However, the downside is that these facilities are mostly not regulated or actively managed, so you have to bring your safety equipment. You also have to respect other racers on the track and hope that they will return the same level of respect toward you.

Another downside of outdoor racing is that the tracks are usually remote and not close to the major city area. More often than not, you will have to drive for an hour or more to get to these facilities. And once you are there, you will not have the benefits of cafe and restaurant access.

Racing outdoors is by far the most fun, in my opinion, because it gives you a real sense of racing. The smell of gas fumes, tires burning, higher speeds, and weather conditions cannot be replicated inside a building. It is an authentic experience that can only be felt outside.

State Owner Road

Yes, it is possible to ride a go-kart on the state road if you buy a street-legal go-kart or make your go-kart street legal. You can read how to make a go-kart street-legal if you decide to go that route.

A benefit of riding on the state road is that you can go everywhere. There are no limits as long as you obey the laws of the roar. On the other hand, it can be hazardous. Go-karts are pretty low to the ground, so any impact with a regular size car can be deadly. Also, potholes are not something you want to hit with a low ground clearance go-kart; that would be painful.

Not every state has the same laws regarding vehicle registration, so check with your local DMV before you head out on the road.

Dirt Trails

One aspect that separated dirt trails from the other tracks on the list is the scenery. Most of these trails are mounting based, and I absolutely love going up to the New Hampshire’s White Mountains area.

Another benefit of dirt trails is the trail’s length; it can be miles long and can take a good part of your day. You are not going around a single track multiple times; you go around the track once in most cases. You can also stop and take a break, have a picnic if you have to; you are not obligated to rush.

The uneven terrain and challenging obstacles can be great for people who like a little more excitement during the ride. The downside of the dirt trail is that you have to have your go-kart, and in most cases, it should be an ATV. Four wheelers are perfect for this type of terrain.

Dirt Tracks

Dirt tracks are another trendy go-karting activity in the areas where they exist. They are the cross between regular asphalt tracks and dirt trails. The difference is, of course, the surface you are racing on.

Racing on dirt tracts is a bit different than racing on other tracks because it gives you the ability to drift your kart. Typically drifting is not a good thing on the asphalt because it costs you time on the clock. On the dirt track, however, it is accepted and preferred.

Also, these tracks are typically managed as well. You can rent the kart and the equipment you need and enjoy a drink or a meal after the race. It’s a family-friendly facility that offers loads of fun.

Drag Strip

Drag strips are another location you can enjoy your custom go-kart on. I am not a big proponent of drag racing but I will not blame you if you are. It is exciting to go down a straight line as fast as you can.

A problem that you might encounter with drag racing is that the drag strips are rare in certain parts of the country. I’ve only been to one and it was in NJ, some 4 hours drive from here.

Another problem is that drag racing can get prices real quick. If you visit the strip and you lose many races, you might feel a bit unhappy about the result. That might lead you to spending large sums of money to make your go-kart competitive.

However it might be satisfying seeing the progress you are making when trying to go 0-60 as fast as you can.

Approved Public Areas

When I say approved public areas I mainly think about beaches. I’m sure you have seen Baywatch and other shows or movies where all kinds of go-karts, ATVs and SUV drive down a local beach. But in order to do that you have to live in costal states.

I’ve heard of some other public areas like state parks that will also allow some type of go-karts but I’ve never visited any of them. Most known are Oceano Dunes in California, Bonneville Speedway in Utah and Silver Lake State Park in Michigan.

Private Property

If you are lucky enough to own a large private property, that is a great place to create your own go-kart track. Typically you can do anything on your land, there are no restrictions. The only problem with that is that you can only do that in rural areas, it’s almost impossible to find large properties close to major cities.

Cruise Ships

Driving a go-kart on a cruise ship is something that I have not done yet, and honestly, I am not a fan of cruise ships for many reasons. However, the Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy cruise ships are definitely on my list because of their fantastic go-kart tracks.

Just looking at these race tracks in the pictures makes me want to go there. How often can you say that about any other race track? The view must be fantastic, and I wonder what it feels like riding on the waves. Can you even feel the track moving? Please let me know if you have been on one of these; otherwise, I will have to check it out myself.

Where Not to Ride Go-Karts

Although it might sounds like a good idea please do not drive your go-kart on the sidewalk, neighborhood or public roads if your cart is not registered. Driving on the sidewalk is illegal and dangerous, you might actually hit a pedestrian and injure them gravely.

Also neighborhoods are not great because you will piss off your neighbors. The sounds of go-kart engine, unless electric, will annoy the elderly neighbors very quickly and you are most likely going to get a visit from a local police department.


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