EVS Sports R4 Race Collar Review


Safety is of utmost importance for go-kart racers, and having reliable physical support can make a significant difference. Unpredictable twists and abrupt movements may sometimes result in serious injuries, primarily affecting the neck and shoulder areas. This is where the EVS Sports R4 Race Collar comes in as an outstanding neck brace option. Its sleek and lightweight design aims to safeguard your neck during collisions or accidents.

The EVS Sports R4 is not only budget-friendly for go-kart racers but also versatile enough for other motorsports, such as motocross. With its sleek design and construction using heavy-duty materials, the R4 surpasses other mid-range neck braces in terms of sturdiness and ergonomic fitting.

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Construction Quality


  • Sturdy molded exterior
  • Closed-cell polyurethane core
  • Bio-foam cushioning
  • User-friendly locking mechanism
  • Lightweight (1.4 lbs for adult size)
  • CE and 89/686/EEC Certification
  • Multi-layer material
  • Lightweight design
  • CE and 89/686/EEC certified

The EVS Sports R4 boasts high-quality materials despite being a mid-range neck brace. It features a hard, molded upper surface that is both strong and stable, effectively preventing hyperflexion and hyperextension. Beneath this tough outer layer lies a softer closed-cell PU core with impressive tensile strength.

The neck collar also incorporates a bio-foam liner for added impact absorption. To prevent discomfort caused by helmet contact with the hard upper surface, rubber edges are used. Overall, the EVS Sports R4 is a well-built neck collar with superior construction quality.


The combination of top-notch materials and smart design makes the EVS Sports R4 stand out in terms of protection. The hard top surface and shock-absorbing core work together, ensuring that any impact between your helmet and the neck brace is first met by the hard surface.

Key Safety Features:

  • Closed-cell PU core
  • Hard-molded exterior
  • Bio-foam cushioning

The lower PU core then absorbs and redirects the force, shielding your neck and shoulders from direct impact. The wider ‘tail’ design further aids in force dispersion by enabling the neck brace to absorb and distribute energy across the shoulder blades instead of focusing it on the collarbone or spine.


The EVS Sports R4 neck collar offers remarkable comfort during races despite its protective capabilities. The lightweight design, slim profile, and bio-foam padding on the shoulders and upper chest make it easy and enjoyable to wear for extended periods.



The EVS Sports R4 provides a relatively straightforward solution for achieving a proper fit with a hard-surfaced neck support device. This neck brace features a quick front entry and secure buckling system, courtesy of its ‘Rapid Lock Closure.’ To use, simply unlock it, wrap it around your neck, and fasten the closure.

Key Customizability Features:

  • Adjustable Rear Strut (Back)
  • Rapid Lock Closure (Front)

The R4 also employs an adjustable rear strut, making it quick and easy to tighten the collar around your neck. These two designs combined make adjusting this neck collar a hassle-free experience.

Size Options

The EVS Sports R4 is available in two sizes – youth and adult – catering to a wide range of motorsport and kart racers due to the adjustable design. The youth variant weighs 0.85 lbs (585 grams), while the adult variant weighs 1.4 lbs (635 grams).

  • Youth Size (size): below 5’3″ & 105 lbs
  • Adult Size (size): above 5’3″ & 105 lbs

Design Aesthetics

The EVS Sports R4 is available in a black/red color combination, with a sleek matte black finish and a contrasting red ‘EVS’ logo on the front. While there aren’t any additional design embellishments, the combination of plastic, rubber, and padding textures adds visual depth to the overall appearance. The result is a simple yet efficient neck brace that complements any safety gear color scheme you might have.


The EVS Sports R4 Race Collar has earned CE and Directive 89/686/EEC certification, indicating that it meets personal protective equipment (PPE) standards and is suitable for go-kart racing.


For go-kart racers or participants in other motorsport categories looking to upgrade from an entry-level to a well-constructed mid-range neck brace, the EVS Sports R4 is a fantastic choice. It offers numerous protective features while maintaining comfort during use.

While it may not outperform premium neck braces like the Valhalla Racing 360 Plus, the EVS Sports R4 comes impressively close, especially considering its mid-range status. In comparison to standard foam-built neck braces, the R4 is far superior in terms of performance and durability. The R4’s popularity is well-deserved, as it’s lightweight, long-lasting, and effectively protects racers as intended.

The EVS Sports R4 Race Collar is an excellent investment for those seeking an affordable, versatile, and comfortable neck brace with a focus on protection and durability. Its thoughtful design and high-quality materials make it a reliable choice for go-kart racers and other motorsport enthusiasts.


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