The 12 Most Interesting Go-Kart Fun Facts

go-kart fun facts

Go-kart racing is one of the most popular motorsports amongst youths and adults. While this racing sport has been growing, it’s important to understand more about go-kart racing. There are plenty of exciting things to learn about the art of racing karts. In this article, we’ll discuss the fascinating facts about go-kart racing.

1. Many Famous Racers Started With Go-Karts

Many world-renowned F1 racers you may be familiar with today got their start through go-karting. Racers like Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Lewis Hamilton, among many others, started with casual karting at a very young age. They then participated in competitive races before joining the world of auto racing and Formula 1.

Many of these racers enjoy karting even today, and some even prefer karting to other forms of motorsport. This shows how much of an impact go-karting has had on their lives and racing careers. Some of the best racers even thank go-karting for most of their ability and success.

2. Go-Kart Racing Has a Low Barrier to Entry

Another important fact is that, unlike car racing, for which you need specific licenses and tracks to drive on, go-karting can be enjoyed by anyone almost anywhere. Whether you start at a very young age in your neighborhood or want to experience it at an older age, there’s minimal standing in your way.

There are a lot of professional go-kart tracks in the US and other parts of the world that you can go to and start racing at. The cost of go-karts are not that expensive and are easy to transport too, so you can take them along whenever there’s a race near you.

3. There Are Different Types of Go-Karts

Go-karts offer something for everyone just because so many types of go-karts are available. There are off-road karts, racing karts, pedal go-karts, and electric and drift karts. Each of these go-karts has a different application made by various go-kart manufacturers.

Such a wide variety of readily available go-karts make them one of the most diverse racing vehicle types to consider. Whether you like the horsepower of gas-powered karts or the silence of electrical-powered ones, many options suit your preferences and needs.

It is estimated that by 2026, the go-kart market will be worth $186.2 million, and about 35 million Americans enjoy karting annually. Go-karting is regularly named one of the most popular motorsports in the world mainly because it can be accessed and enjoyed by so many people.

Not only is it fun to race around in karts, but it’s also a lot of fun to watch competitive events. Add to that the fact that go-karting has been a part of so many famous racers’ lives, and you have a motorsport that is well-respected by fans and professionals.

5. Racing Go-Karts Is Safe With Proper Gear

Another important fact to consider is that go-kart racing is safe compared to other forms of racing. All you need to ensure is that you wear the appropriate go-kart racing gear while racing. Go-karts also have safety features such as roll cages, bumpers, seat belts, and roll bars, among many more. They are designed to prevent injury and increase overall driver safety.

With a low center of gravity, go-karts don’t easily flip over. Add to that safety gear like a racing helmet, neck brace, gloves, rib protectors, and close-toed boots, and you’ll have a safe racing experience.

6. There Are Different Type Of Racing Classes

One of the reasons why karting is so popular among different age groups is because there are many different go-kart racing classes that drivers can take part in competitively. It doesn’t matter what age you are; there’s bound to be a class that racers can be part of.

Children as young as five can participate in competitive races as part of the ‘Kid Karts’ Class. Some other competitive racing classes include the Junior, Senior, and Masters classes. These are some of the most competitive classes in kart racing, although others are for different age groups.

Each class has its regulations and requirements, giving all kinds of drivers a competitive experience throughout their karting journey.

7. Karting Can Be Enjoyed Indoors and Outdoors

Here’s another awesome fact about go-kart racing: It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside because you can always enjoy karting at an indoor facility. Such facilities usually offer “arrive-and-drive” packages where you can show up and race around in rental karts.

You can also race on outdoor tracks if you’re more of an outdoor person. Some tracks provide rental karts, but many also let you bring your own. This is a great option for racers passionate about go-kart racing and owning their go-karts.

There are plenty of go-kart racing tracks in the United States and worldwide. You can check them out and head down to your favorite one.

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8. Kids Can Also Race Go-Karts

You don’t have to be ‘this tall’ to ride go-karts! There are so many options for kids out there that kids of all ages can easily drive go-karts. The choices are wide open whether they ride them on their private property in their pedal karts or on rough terrain in their off-road karts.

They can even go to actual go-kart tracks and facilities if they are a certain age or height – usually eight years old and around 55 – 60” tall. Many tracks have also been designated ‘kiddie tracks’ for children as young as 3! This is one of those sports that people of all ages can enjoy.

9. Go-Karts Have No Suspensions

This may sound like a strange fact, but go-karts generally do not have suspensions. The vehicles are designed so they don’t need a suspension. The frame itself provides the necessary flexibility.

One of the reasons why this sport has remained so accessible and popular for so long is because go-kart manufacturers don’t need to add complex components to karts, which can be a very tricky part of any vehicle’s design. The stiffness of the chassis of a kart is usually adjusted with torsion bars to provide the necessary support.

10. Go-Karts Don’t Have a Differential

Another interesting fact about go-karts is that they do not have a differential. The job of a differential in a vehicle is to adjust the speed of the wheels while turning. The need to adjust the speed comes from the fact that the wheel on the outer side of a turn has to travel a longer distance than the wheel on the inner side – so the inner wheel has to turn slower to create a balance.

Go-karts achieve this effect thanks to their flexible frames. Instead of using a complicated differential, they raise the inner wheel slightly on turns. This is known as ‘jacking’ and is one of the most interesting facts about how go-karts work on a racetrack.

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11. Go-Kart Racing Is Affordable

Regarding cost, go-kart racing is much more affordable than car racing. Those who want to go professional can get their go-kart for somewhere between $3,000 and $8,000 from one of the leading manufacturers. Compare that to cars, and you’d have to spend much more. Also, the maintenance costs and the safety gear prices are much lower.

For more casual racers, you can take a short trip to the nearest karting facility and rent a kart. Each karting session usually costs $8 – $20, and you can also use different packages. You don’t have to buy any safety gear, as most facilities provide that too.

12. Racing Go-Karts Can Be Upgraded and Modified

When you get a racing kart, you might feel like you need to go faster or have a better braking system after driving it for a year or so. Instead of spending thousands on a new kart, you can upgrade your current one. For example, there are plenty of ways to make a go-kart faster!

Many people upgrade the engines of their karts for better performance, while others install turbochargers for additional horsepower. You can even install larger tires to your kart for more speed. Other than additions, it is also possible to change your kart.

Another example is speed governors that put a cap on the maximum speed. Removing this can make it go as fast as its engine allows. The possibility to modify a kart only adds to the affordability factor and allows you to make your go-kart your own.


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