Go-Karts First Aid Kit: Why I Picked Surviveware

First Aid Kit for Go-Karts

You feel the rush, your senses alert; it’s a full concentration at full throttle. Your adrenaline is pumping; you feel totally confident and have everything under control. This is the feeling!

For most Go-Kart racers, it’s a time to forget every surrounding stress and focus on this one thing, in this one moment. The euphoria lasts for a time after the race, but then it wears off, and you need to have another go. It’s like a drug, but a good one … if you stay alert and practice safety. 

Too often, someone gets seriously hurt through loss of control or concentration or even a feeling of invincibility: “It’ll never happen to you.” On the other hand, serious injuries happen because you may lack experience, you’ve never driven before, which seemed like a fun way to learn. 

Every vehicle that has speed is a potential threat; speed itself should be treated wisely. Getting behind a steering wheel is to acknowledge the responsibility of the threat you may be to others.

Types of Go-Kart Injuries

There are different types of injuries in go-kart racing, but before I go there, I would like to remind you of the words of the legendary Jeremy Clarkson:

Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you. – Jeremy Clarkson

Now the chances of dying in go-kart accidents are very slim but injuries certainly happen. Statistics show that the majority of Go-Kart injuries include:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Spinal column injuries
  • Fractured ribs
  • Shoulder, arm, or hand bruising fractures or breaks
  • Hip, leg, and foot bruising, fractures, or breaks

Go-Kart drivers are exposed and vulnerable from the neck down. Wearing a helmet protects the head from injury, but unless you have full body armor, there is a danger for every unprotected area of your body. 

Even if you feel you’re protected as much as possible and you’re a really safe driver, not all drivers are alike. Here is a great opportunity to teach life skills to younger drivers.

Our responsibility is to be prepared with a good first aid kit!

Surviveware Go-Kart First Aid Kit

Surviveware Trauma Kit has everything you need to apply first aid before the first responders arrive to take over. It actually IS a kit used by First Responders, and it is an Individual First Aid Kit. This means that medical professionals get this kit for its great framework of supplies and then add their own individual supplies to complete it. Even so, it has everything you need for injuries associated with Go-Karting.

Supplies for Heavy Bleeding

As mentioned, Surviveware Trauma Kit provides you a framework of supplies to build your custom first aid kit from. For injuries that include heavy bleeding, this kit will provide you the following:

  • Pressure bandage
  • Gauze pads
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Protective glasses
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Compressed Gauze
  • Conforming bandage
  • 4-inch bandage
  • Various adhesive bandages
  • Strip wound closures
  • Recon Medical Tourniquet (including permanent pen to mark the time of tourniquet use – a tourniquet should never be used for longer than 2 hours. Mark the time, so that first responders know what they’re dealing with when they arrive on the scene) 
  • 6-inch stainless steel Trauma Shears that can cut through thick fabric, including seat belts.

The first prize is to attend a first aid course to know how to use the contents of any kit. It’s no good having all these supplies and not knowing how to use them. In a pinch, call 911, try to ascertain injuries, try to control heavy bleeding, tell the patient not to move, cover the patient with a blanket, keep talking to them to help them stay calm, and wait for help to arrive. 

Supplies for CPR

CPR Kit with instructions. Hopefully, someone is on the scene who knows how to administer CPR, but if you’re it and don’t know how to, there are clearly written instructions to tell you what to do, which assists in keeping you calm enough to help in the situation.

Personally, I’ve taken an infant CPR class before our daughter was born, and I can tell you that the instructions that this guide provides are spot on. Of course, it is not the same as having a hands-on experience, but it does give you detailed steps to follow, so familiarize yourself with those steps before you actually need to use the skill.

Supplies for Shock

Emergency blanket – We lose body heat all the time but especially when we go into shock after an accident; the body will begin to shiver to compensate for the lost heat. The emergency blanket will regulate the body’s temperature and keep the patient warm. 

Supplies for Limb Breaks, Fractures, and Neck Injuries

Surviveware 36 inch Splint

Surviveware 18 inch Splint. This splint is pliable and easy to shape by molding, bending, folding, and cutting to the desired size. There are clear instructions on the splint to help you. As soon as it’s molded into one of 3 curves, it becomes sturdy, supporting the injured limbs – including the neck. 

Bandages help in securing the splint.

Of course, we want to avoid any possibility of actually having to use a first aid kit. Still, at least, if the worst happens, you know you’re covered – all you need is a cell phone to call 911 and a trusty first aid kit to help keep the patient comfortable until the professionals arrive.

The Trauma Kit contains an 18-inch splint; the images above are of the 36-inch splint. It may be a good idea to have an extra splint on hand, especially if there is more than one limb or person needing attention.

Every First Aid Kit needs to be customized to your preferred needs. The Surviveware kits do not carry medication for two very good reasons. Medication has an expiry date, and people have medication preferences. So get a kit with a good foundation of supplies and customize it to your needs.

In Conclusion

Never stop enjoying the thrill of driving or racing a Go-Kart! Life is meant to be lived and lived to the full. Take every safety measure you can, get the kit, take the course and keep all of that knowledge in the back of your mind because when you need it, you’ll remember. Have a blast, feel the adrenaline race through you as you place your mind in a non-work, stress-free zone, laugh a lot, and feel the freedom.

Let’s Go Karting!

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