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Best Go-Karts for Kids of All Ages in 2024

Like many young girls, my 9-year-old used to want to just lounge around screens all day. But as her dad, I was looking for a way to get her outside enjoying healthy activities. On a whim, I asked if racing go-karts might interest her instead. Well, you should’ve seen her eyes light up!

Turns out they make go-karts designed just for kids to explore this thrill-seeking hobby safely. And let me tell you – my daughter totally loved it! I almost couldn’t drag her off that little track as she giggled and squealed zooming around with friends.

Investing in a kid-sized go-kart for my girl has been awesome. I love seeing her burning off energy outdoors, instead of staring at a device all day. Of course I supervise and ensure good safety practices. But letting kids discover exhilarating outdoor hobbies could be one of the wisest things we parents do.

go kart for kids

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Best Electric Go-Kart – Segway Ninebot Electric Go-Kart

The Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Kit is a fun and cutting-edge device for youngsters who enjoy racing. This electric go-kart is built to be quick, safe, and enjoyable while offering a distinctive driving experience. The package comes with a Ninebot S electric scooter and a go-kart conversion kit, enabling you to quickly turn your scooter into a go-kart.

Segway Ninebot Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 41.73 x 32.68 x 20.08 inches
  • Weight: 66.14 pounds
  • Top speed: 14 mph
  • Motor power: 700W nominal, 1600W peak
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Battery voltage: 60V, Li-ion
  • Maximum weight: 220 pounds
  • Recommended age: 16+ years

One advantage of this product is that it offers hours of exhilarating driving enjoyment with a peak speed of up to 14.5 mph and a range of up to 13.7 miles on a single charge. Additionally, it has a brushless motor that offers a silent ride and adjustable acceleration, making it simple for children of all ages to manage. A strong frame is another aspect of the Segway Ninebot Electric Go-Kart Kit, guaranteeing a steady and secure ride.

According to some consumers, the negative is that assembly might be a little challenging and time-consuming. The Segway Ninebot Electric Go-Kart Kit offers an exciting and distinctive driving experience that youngsters will like after it has been put together. This product is a terrific choice for youngsters who enjoy speed and thrills and want to try something different from the typical ride-on toys.

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Best Pedal Go-Kart – Hauck Batmobile

The best pedal go-kart prize goes to The Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart. It is the greatest pedal go-kart for kids on this list because it’s not only eye-catching—any kid will enjoy playing with it for hours! This pedal go-kart is one of the better options, with a timeless matte black finish and an amazing Batman-themed design.

Hauck Batmobile Specifications:

  • Brand: Hauck 
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 44″ x 21″ x 22″ 
  • Max. User Weight: 120 pounds
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Tire Material: Rubber
  • Recommended Ages: 4 – 8 Years

This pedal-powered vehicle can support up to 120 lbs and is intended for kids between 4 and 8. Thanks to the adjustable bucket seat, children of different heights may comfortably ride in this go-kart. Additionally, the rubber wheels offer a highly stable and smooth ride on nearly any terrain, even at greater speeds. A practical 3-point steering wheel that enables responsive steering is also included. The pedal go-side-mounted kart’s handbrake, designed in the shape of an 8-ball, gives your child full control over the braking system.

The Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart is built with a sturdy steel tube frame that is yet just 22 lbs. comparatively light. This pedal kart is intended to give young children a sense of superpower. Anyone can jump into this pedal-powered Batmobile and go on a great trip since driving this kart is so simple!

Go-Bowen Baja

Your kids will have fun with the Go-Bowen Baja 1000W Electric Go-Kart. A 1000W electric motor allows this go-kart to travel up to 14 mph. It has a strong steel frame and a cozy seat for hours of play. Additionally, the kart has hand-operated brakes, an adjustable seat that can be adjusted to the rider’s height, and an accelerator pedal. The kart is intended for children aged eight and older and has a weight restriction of 120 pounds.

Go-Bowen Baja Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 44.09 x 26.77 x 19.69 inches
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Top speed: 14 mph
  • Motor power: 1000W
  • Charging time: 8-10 hours
  • Battery voltage: 36V
  • Maximum weight: 140 pounds
  • Recommended age: 8+ years

The sturdy structure of this kart is one of its best qualities. Heavy-duty steel makes up the structure, and the tires are big enough to handle off-road excursions. Children of all heights may comfortably ride because the seat is also adjustable. Furthermore, the 1000W electric motor is strong enough to deliver a smooth and quick ride while being kid-safe.

The Go-Bowen Baja 1000W drawbacks include weight and maneuverability, which might be challenging for younger riders. Additionally, assembling might be challenging and may need adult assistance. In conclusion, the Go-Bowen Baja 1000W Electric Go-Kart is a fantastic choice for youngsters who want an exhilarating, electric-powered kart with tough construction and quick speeds.

Hover-1 Electric Go-Kart

It’s a thrill to drive the Hover-1 Formula Electric Go-Kart! I was eager to try out this electric go-kart and see what it was all about because I adore go-karts.

Hover-1 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 27 inches
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Top speed: 10 mph
  • Motor power: 350W brushless motor
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Battery voltage: 24V
  • Maximum weight: 140 pounds
  • Recommended age: 13+ years

Let me start by saying that this device has a serious brushless motor. It has a top speed of 12 mph, which is more than enough speed to have a blast. Additionally, you can ride for a considerable while before needing to recharge with a range of up to 9.3 miles. The adjustable seat is a brilliant addition that makes the kart comfortable for riders of different sizes, which further pleased me.

There are a few items to consider before purchasing. Younger children might not be the greatest candidates for the Hover-1 Formula Electric Go-Kart because it necessitates some physical prowess and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, some customer reviews claim the battery life might be erratic and fail after only a few uses.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an electric go-kart, the Hover-1 Formula is worth checking out.

Dakott Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo

The DAKOTT Lamborghini Vision GT Electric Go-Kart is a high-performance ride-on toy for children aged 6 to 12. This electric go-kart is designed to replicate the well-known Lamborghini Vision GT supercar and has a sleek, aerodynamic body and a vivid yellow paint job. The kart’s powerful brushless motor, which can travel up to 10 mph, allows kids to maneuver their supercar.

Lamborghini V12 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 49 x 27 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Top speed: 10 mph
  • Motor power: 350W brushless motor
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Battery voltage: 24V
  • Maximum weight: 140 pounds
  • Recommended age: 6 – 12 years old

In addition to its incredible speed, this electric go-kart brake and accelerator pedal allow kids entire control over their voyage. The kart’s structure includes a sturdy steel frame and a comfortable seat, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable ride. The footrests and seats of the kart may be adjusted so that it can develop with your child.

The DAKOTT Lamborghini Vision GT Electric Go-Kart is a fantastic alternative for kids who like playing with quick, eye-catching toys and want to know what driving a real supercar is like. This electric go-kart will be popular with children and adults thanks to its impressive speed, straightforward controls, and fashionable design.

Razor Dune Buggy

Kids may ride an electric go-kart called the Razor Dune Buggy. It can move at up to 10 mph and has a strong structure. The kart has a 120-pound weight limit and can operate on a single battery for up to 40 minutes.

Razor Dune Buggy Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 41 x 24 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Top speed: 9 mph
  • Motor power: 350W chain-driven motor
  • Charging time: 12 hours
  • Battery voltage: 24V
  • Maximum weight: 140 pounds
  • Recommended age: 8+ years

This kart is intended for off-road excursions, and its 8-inch pneumatic knobby tires offer a comfortable ride on any surface. The seat can fit children of various heights and is adjustable. Parents can more easily keep an eye on their children while exploring thanks to the flag attached to the kart for enhanced safety.

Overall, the Razor Dune Buggy is a robust, safe, thrilling ride for youngsters. It’s a fantastic alternative for parents seeking an electric kart that will provide their children with a ton of outdoor adventure and pleasure.

Razor PowerRider 360

Kids may ride an electric go-kart called the Razor Dune Buggy. This go-kart features an electric engine that is 800 watts strong and capable of 10 mph. With its rugged tires and capable suspension system, the Dune Buggy is built for off-road excursions. The go-kart can support 120 pounds of weight and is appropriate for children ages eight and above.

Razor PowerRider 360 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 21 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 40.8 pounds
  • Top speed: 5 mph
  • Motor power: 24V (two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries)
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Battery voltage: 24V
  • Maximum weight: 120 pounds
  • Recommended age: 9+ years

The Dune Buggy is constructed from premium materials to ensure its sturdiness and endurance. It boasts a bucket seat with a flag pole holder for enhanced enjoyment and adjustable shoulder straps for increased safety. A battery charger is also included with this electric go-kart so your youngster can continue having fun all day.

In conclusion, youngsters who enjoy off-road excursions and high-speed thrills should choose the Razor Dune Buggy. For parents seeking a safe and dependable electric go-kart for their children, it’s a terrific option thanks to its strong motor, rugged design, and high-quality construction.

Honey Joy

Your child will enjoy the battery-operated HONEY JOY Electric Go-Kart. It has a top speed of 3.7 mph and is intended for kids between 3 and 7. It’s made of high-quality materials guaranteed to last a long time.

Honey Joy Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 33″x 21″ x 16″ inches
  • Weight: 15.5 pounds
  • Top speed: 3.7 mph
  • Motor power: Not specified
  • Charging time: 8-12 hours
  • Battery voltage: 6V4AH*1
  • Maximum weight capacity: 66 pounds
  • Recommended age: 3+ years

The safety features of this electric go-kart are one of its main advantages. It has a safety belt, a control system with foot pedals, and a delayed start to make riding safe and easy. The go-kart has strong, non-skid tires, making it stable and easy to move on different surfaces. Kids may enjoy riding for a longer amount of time because of its long battery life.

In conclusion, the HONEY JOY Electric Go-Kart is an entertaining and secure ride-on toy ideal for youngsters between 3 and 7. It’s a great choice for parents who want a toy their kids can play with for a long time. The seat and steering wheel can be adjusted and are built to last.


Children may ride on the battery-operated ELEMARA Electric Go-Kart. It has a 65-pound weight limit and is intended for children ages 3 to 7. The kart’s flexible design allows for growth and extended use as the youngster gets bigger. It can operate for 40 minutes and has a peak speed of 3.7 mph, giving youngsters hours of entertainment. The kart also has a hand-operated rear brake and an easy-to-use foot accelerator pedal for safe and controlled driving.

Elemara Specifications:

  • Dimension: 47.2 x 27.6 x 22.8 inches
  • Weight: 63.9 pounds
  • Top speed: 12 mph
  • Motor power: 500W
  • Charging time: Not specified
  • Battery voltage: 24V6
  • Maximum weight: 140 pounds
  • Age: 3-8 years

The kart is constructed from sturdy, high-quality, long-lasting, and safe materials. The kart is strong and sturdy since the body is made of durable plastic and steel frame. The seat may be adjusted to accommodate children of various sizes safely and pleasantly. The kart’s LED lights, and built-in horn provides additional excitement.

In conclusion, youngsters that enjoy adventure and excitement will appreciate the ELEMARA Electric Go-Kart. It’s the perfect ride-on toy for kids just starting to explore their world because it’s safe, strong, and can be changed to fit their needs. Kids will enjoy hours of fun and delight because of its easy controls and interesting features as they improve their balance, coordination, and riding abilities.

First Drive Kids Electric Go Kart

Kids ages 6 to 12 will enjoy the First Drive Kids Electric Go-Kart, a fun, and engaging ride. This kart is simple to manage and store because of its small form, which measures between 48 and 57 inches in length, 25 to 28 inches in width, and 20 to 24 inches in height. Kids can easily maneuver it because it is lightweight and weighs between 50 and 70 pounds.

Elemara Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Depends on the model, but typically around 48-57 x 25-28 x 20-24 inches
  • Weight: Around 50-70 pounds
  • Top speed: 5-12 mph
  • Motor power: 24-36V electric motor
  • Charging time: 4-8 hours
  • Battery voltage: 24-36V
  • Maximum weight capacity: 130 pounds
  • Recommended age: 6-12 years old

The kart thrills kids by reaching speeds of 5 to 12 mph and is propelled by a strong electric motor with a voltage of 24 to 36V. The kart charges in 4 to 8 hours and is ready to go whenever the youngsters are. A durable and reliable performance is ensured by the battery voltage range of 24 to 36V.

Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go-Kart

The Hauck Hurricane is a pedal kart for kids that is made to offer comfort, durability, and convenience of use simultaneously, in addition to looking incredibly fantastic in the traditional red-and-black race car style.

Hauck Hurricane Specifications:

  • Brand: Hauck
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Dimensions: 47.6″ x 28.3″ x 28.3″
  • Max. User Weight: 120 pounds
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Tire Material: Rubber
  • Recommended Ages: 4 – 8 Years

Thanks to its adjustable seat, the Hurricane, created for children between the ages of 4 and 8, and tested for a maximum weight of 120 lbs, is ideal for youngsters of different heights. The comfy backrest and race-inspired pedals are just two examples of the high-quality materials used throughout the kart. It is incredibly simple to drive the kart at high speeds while making tight curves thanks to a sensitive steering wheel. The kart also has higher seating and huge 12″ rims for better ground clearance.

This pedal go-kart weighs just 27.56 lbs despite having bigger tires and a sturdy steel tube design, which makes it very simple to steer. A simple handbrake is also included with the Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go-Kart. It’s a fantastic pedal go-kart with everything: stylish appearance, simple handling, precise steering, high ground clearance, and an ergonomic fit for all sorts of kids!

Honey Joy Racer Pedal Go-Kart

The Honey Joy Racer is a fantastic basic pedal go-kart. Most of its finish is jet black with red accents, giving it a clean and minimalistic appearance. This pedal go-jet kart’s black tires are even, completing the overall minimalist appearance. There is also a pink version available if your youngster like vibrant hues.

Honey Joy Racer Specifications:

  • Brand: Honey Joy
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37″ x 22.5″ x 23.5″
  • Max. User Weight: 66 pounds
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Tire Material: EVA
  • Recommended Ages: 3 – 8 Years

This pedal go-kart is intended for kids ages 3 to 8 and can support up to 66 lbs. It has a lot of features that make driving safe and enjoyable. Its construction of metal and plastic makes it both strong and light. The seat may be easily adjusted and is quite comfy. The kart can be driven on various surfaces thanks to the EVA substance that the wheels are constructed of. Its many directions allow you to pedal the kart forward or backward.

Additionally, there is a separate handbrake to stop the kart rapidly, and a seat belt ensures that your child is always kept secure. The pedal go-kart, the Honey Joy Racer, weighs only 24 lbs, making it manageable to carry. Generally, this is one of the safest and most stable go-karts you can present to your kid and guarantees hours of entertainment!

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go-Kart

The Nerf Battle Racer from Hauck will unleash your child’s inner warrior. Children that enjoy Nerf fights and pedal go-karts are the target market for this vehicle. This pedal kart is fantastic because it allows youngsters to engage in these activities simultaneously. This kart looks athletic and enjoyable with its beautiful black and orange color scheme.

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Specifications:

  • Brand: Hauck
  • Weight: –
  • Dimensions: 50″ x 23″ x 27″
  • Max. User Weight: 120 pounds
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Tire Material: Rubber
  • Recommended Ages: 4 – 8 Years

The Nerf Battle Racer can support up to 120 lbs. and is best suited for kids between 4 and 8. It features an accurate steering wheel, good rubber tires, an adjustable seat, and tubular steel construction with themed bumpers, much like other Hauck karts do. The addition of specially designed compartments to store Nerf accessories, blasters, and darts distinguishes this model from others. Kids adore it because it makes the kart resemble and feel like a pedal-powered battle charger.

The Nerf Racer is also portable and simple to maneuver. Kids can transport their Nerf equipment since it travels safely and steadily. It also has a handbrake, making it simple to manage speed and stop the kart when necessary. This pedal go-kart has the potential to quickly become a youngster favorite because to its appealing appearance and unique Nerfing capabilities.

Hauck Sirocco Pedal Go-Kart

The Hauck Sirocco Pedal Go-Kart will surely be a hit with kids because of its vibrant green accents on its black frame and energizing graphics on the Nassau panel. What’s not to enjoy about this fantastic pedal go-kart with a fun design that symbolizes the company’s experience over the years?

Hauck Sirocco Specifications:

  • Brand: Hauck 
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Dimensions: 46.06″ x 24.61″ x 26.77″
  • Max. User Weight: –
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Tire Material: Rubber
  • Recommended Ages: 4 – 8 Years

Low-profile rubber tires on this kart, designed for kids between 4 and 8, make it simple to steer and manage. The seat is among the best on the market and has a specially designed, extremely ergonomic backrest for small children. Further enhancing that, it is also adjustable, ensuring your youngster will discover the ideal seated posture. Like previous Hauck models, the steering wheel incorporates a 3-point mechanism for precise and quick steering.

In addition, there is a specific handbrake so your child can effortlessly slow down the kart or even drift! The pedals also allow the kart to move backward! This model isn’t particularly lightweight at 28 lbs, but it’s also not hefty. Through its design, it achieves a nice balance between portability and solidity. It is immediately apparent that the Hauck Sirocco is designed for speed and excitement.

Kids Go-Kart Buying Guide

When I started looking into getting a go-kart for my daughter, I honestly had no idea what I was doing! But after some trial and error, I learned a lot about finding one that’s both fun and safe for kids. Let me pass on a few tips that I wish someone had told me upfront!

Age Appropriate

First things first – pay attention to age guidelines from the manufacturer. I made the mistake of buying one meant for kids several years older than mine. It went way too fast and she could barely control it to stop! Not to mention it scared her half to death when it tipped going around a curve. Oops! Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, but it could’ve been bad.

Child Training and Awareness

Before letting your child drive their kart, they should know all the rules and regulations regarding safe driving. First, dedicate an appropriate space where your child may safely operate their kart. Second, ensure no objects are lying around that could cause harm to them while operating the vehicle.

Comfort and Safety Features

A go-kart needs certain safety features to make driving safe, such as working brakes, a rolling cage, a safety belt, and an adjustable seat so the driver can sit comfortably and drive safely. Ensure the go-kart has tires appropriate for all-terrain, not just the road. Kids will go anywhere, including dirt, gravel, and mud.

Weight Capacity

It is important to consider how much weight the go-kart can hold before becoming unsafe. A child who is too lightweight may be unable to control the go-kart and thus risk injury. On the other hand, if a child is too heavy, they may damage the go-kart and render it unusable.

Safety Equipment

A helmet is a must and appropriate clothing too. You don’t have to buy a racing suit but ensure that the clothing covers the entire body and is not loose. It should be fitted tightly to their body.

The same goes for shoes. Their shoes should be laced tightly and tucked inside if possible. Prevent laces from getting caught in the machine, resulting in serious injury.

Go-Karts Reliability and Safety

Make sure you read reviews before buying anything. Not only will reading reviews help you know if others had good experiences with the product, but it’s also a way to see whether the product has any safety issues.

You can find a wide variety of karts for sale online. Some come with extra safety equipment, while others may not include any safety equipment whatsoever. Consider what type of kart you’re interested in before purchasing.

Child Opinion Matters

As with any other product, you don’t know what your kid wants until they see it. Before buying a new go-kart, you should try to find one that fits your style. See what they like; it should be a safe purchase if it satisfies the above requirements. If it doesn’t, explain why you don’t think it’s the right go-kart and suggest another one. Kids are easily persuaded and mostly agree to anything if they get something.

Child’s Height

Is your child tall enough to safely operate the vehicle? If they are too short, they may be unable to push the pedal down or reach the brakes and/or the accelerator. On the other hand, they might be uncomfortable in the car seat and have difficulty letting off the gas or braking if they are too tall. See if the seat can be moved back and forth; that might make things easier.


Several things go into making a great go-kart. The fun and excitement they bring to children are at the heart of it all. However, it is also important to note the importance of construction, security, and safety.

That being said, we hope our Go-Karts for Kids Review was helpful to you. We hope our top picks gave you a sense of the types of go-karts you should be looking for. If you have further questions, please let us know!

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