Leatt STX RR Neck Brace: Ultimate Protection for Motorsport Enthusiasts

Leatt STX RR Neck Brace review

Safety is super important for people who love motorsports, like go-kart races, motocross, or motorcycle racing. The Leatt STX RR Neck Brace gives racers great protection and comfort, making sure their neck and shoulders are safe from getting hurt.

Made with top-quality materials and cool technology, the STX RR Neck Brace is a standout choice. Its smart design and ability to adjust make it perfect for racers who want both safety and easy use.

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Construction Quality


  • Ultra-light carbon fiber chassis
  • Alternative Load Path Technology (ALPT)
  • Twin swiveling scapula wings
  • Adjustable height on rear platform and shoulders
  • Hammock-style rubber chin pad
  • CE certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC
  • One size fits riders from approx. 140 to 225 pounds

The Leatt STX RR Neck Brace, made from super-light carbon fiber, weighs just 700g (1.55 pounds). This makes it very comfy during rides and races. The brace uses a special technology called Alternative Load Path Technology (ALPT) to help lower the chances of neck injuries during a crash. It has two swiveling pieces on the back that can change shape to fit different bodies and aero humps, making sure it fits tight and comfy.


The special ALPT design of the STX RR Neck Brace protects racers from different kinds of injuries. It also keeps the head and neck steady during strong impacts. The front part of the brace can fold back for racers who need to bend down low, but it still fits well when they ride in a more normal position.

Key Safety Features:

  • ALPT design for crash protection
  • Carbon fiber chassis for strength and durability
  • Adjustable height on rear platform and shoulders

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Thanks to its light carbon fiber body and smart design, the STX RR Neck Brace is comfy to wear during races. The rubber chin pad feels like a hammock and adds extra comfort and safety. Plus, you can change the height on the back and shoulders to make it fit just right.


The STX RR Neck Brace is designed to fit a wide range of riders, with one size suitable for those weighing approximately 140 to 225 pounds. The adjustable rear platform height and shoulder height adjusters ensure that the brace can be tailored to each rider’s specific needs.

Design Aesthetics

The Leatt STX RR Neck Brace features a sleek and minimalist design with a focus on functionality. Its black and red color combination is both eye-catching and stylish, making it a great addition to any racer’s safety gear.


The Leatt STX RR Neck Brace is CE certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC, ensuring that it meets the required safety standards for use in motorsports.

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The Leatt STX RR Neck Brace is an exceptional choice for motorsport enthusiasts seeking top-notch protection, comfort, and adaptability. With its innovative ALPT design, ultra-light carbon fiber chassis, and adjustable features, this neck brace offers the best combination of safety and usability.

No matter if you race go-karts, ride motocross, or race motorcycles, the Leatt STX RR Neck Brace gives the protection and help you need to stay safe on the track. Its top-notch building and design make it a great choice for racers who want the best safety gear.


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