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Discover the Best Go-Kart Brands Worldwide

In this post, we will examine the top brands and manufacturers of go-karts available today. Since the introduction of the first go-kart, racing in them has been a well-liked motorsport. International sanctioning organizations like the CIK-FIA, which set racing rules and encouraged manufacturers to create high-performance karts with cutting-edge designs and technology, have pushed the industry to continue to develop and improve.

There are several kart producers around the globe, and each one has a unique history and product line. Kubica Racing Kart, Birel ART, CRG, Mach1, Margay Racing, and J3 Competition are just a few of top go-kart producers who are on this list.

Birel ART

Leading Italian go-kart producer Birel ART was created by combining two businesses, Birel and ART Grand Prix. Birel was founded in the 1950s and had a history of creating outstanding karts, such as the Targa chassis built in the 1970s and 1980s. To deliver premium karts to the market, ART Grand Prix was founded in 2011. In 2014, the two businesses united to become Birel ART. The firm now provides a variety of models, including the KZ, OK, OKJ, Mini, and rental karts, to satisfy various competing demands.

The most recent versions include enhanced floor panels, better materials, and a fashionable and practical design. Daniel Ricciardo and Birel ART have teamed up to introduce the Ricciardo Racing Kart, a unique series of karts with a vibrant blue and yellow design. For those searching for dependable, high-performance karts, Birel ART is the go-to brand as it continues to push the limits of the industry. The karts from Birel ART are made to handle various racing situations, including fast, flowing tracks and narrow, complex circuits. No of your level of experience, Birel ART has a kart to meet your demands.

Margay Racing

When it was established in 1964, the American kart firm Margay Racing went under the moniker Mar-Kart. The business first gained notoriety for its quick-change gearbox for karts; subsequently, it changed its name to Margay and began making karts and engines. The Margay Racing X2 kart, made of 32mm and 28mm tubes and includes adjustable features like caster and ride height at the front and rear, is one of the company’s most well-known models. The X2 kart, which comes in red or black, performs at a world-class level and stands out on the track.

The Brava 125, the Wildcat, and the Ignite K3 for adult and younger drivers are further models Margay Racing offers. These karts provide racers with a dependable alternative and are made for various tracks. Margay Racing is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a kart from a firm with a lengthy history of producing high-quality goods because of its history of winning national championships. The karts from Margay Racing are long-lasting, and the business enjoys its after-sale assistance. The team of professionals at Margay Racing is always there to help, whether you need a spare component or technical support.


For over 25 years, the Italian business OTL has been a market leader in producing electric go-karts. The business is renowned for creating durable and creative, high-quality karts. OTL places a great focus on quality control and attention to detail in the production process to uphold its reputation for excellence. This is the reason why both casual riders and serious racers favor their karts.

OTL’s flagship model, the Storm EFD, exemplifies their dedication to technological advancement and innovation. The drivers of this electric go-kart may choose between automated and manual modes thanks to modern amenities like an interactive touchscreen, a boost button, and paddle shifters. The Storm EFD is a fantastic option for racers seeking a competitive edge and families looking for a pleasant way to spend the day since these features give drivers unprecedented control over their vehicles.

Top Kart USA

A reputable American go-kart manufacturer with over 40 years of expertise in Top Kart USA. Due to the numerous championships, its karts have won, the firm is known for building high-performance karts and is regarded as the top go-kart racing team in North America. Their signature item, the SR30.2, is a racing kart built of 30mm tubing that can be substantially customized and used for various engines and racing competitions.

Younger drivers may start following their love of racing at a young age with the Kid Kart from Top Kart USA, which has a safe and customizable design. With its mostly white and blue pattern accentuated with yellow and gold, this kart is a fantastic choice for families and children and is aesthetically pleasing. Top Kart USA is an elite American go-kart manufacturer renowned for its aesthetically pleasing and highly effective karts.


Intrepid is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality go-karts and replacement parts. They have been making replacement components for high-end SKM karts since 1992 and making their own karts since 2003. Intrepid is committed to advancing technology constantly and has received several awards in different contests.

The karts from Intrepid are renowned for their speed, dependability, and eye-catching design with a bold “eye” motif in yellow, orange, and black. The business provides a selection of karts made to fulfill the needs of racers of all levels, from novices to professionals. Their karts are popular for racers worldwide since they are simple to drive, dependable, and have excellent performance. Intrepid is a well-known brand among karting fans thanks to its dedication to innovation and quality. They are a leader in the go-kart racing industry. Intrepid is a fantastic choice if you seek a dependable and high-performing go-kart.

Kubica Racing Kart

Kubica Racing Kart is a new line of racing karts produced in partnership with Robert Kubica, a renowned F1 driver. These karts are designed to compete in various karting categories and aim to support the development of new champions in the sport. The karts come in a stylish orange-and-black color scheme and feature the expertise of karting giant Birel ART.

The line includes four models, all of which boast top-notch build quality and performance. The flagship models feature improved frame geometry, a new pedal adjustment system, and a new floor panel for the best driving experience. The company has also introduced a new kart for the CIK-FIA 007-CH-92 category, the C28 S11 Homologation, with a revamped frame and 28mm tubing. Does Robert Kubica believe karting is an essential starting point for anyone interested in motorsports, and what better way to start than with a Kubica Racing Kart?

The Orange Kart

OK1 Racing, also known as The Orange Kart, is a Verona, Italy-based company established 15 years ago. OK1 Racing competes in all professional karting categories and offers a range of karts to suit various needs and budgets. The top of their racing line is the Cruiser EVO and EVO2, which come with 30mm tubing, adjustable aluminum pedals, and high-quality magnesium wheels. These karts also feature efficient braking systems for precise cornering, making them a great choice for serious racers.

In addition to their high-performance karts, OK1 Racing also offers rental karts for customers who want to try karting for the first time or are looking for a more casual racing experience. The RTK Rental kart is designed for safety and durability, while the Race Line rental kart is built for maximum adrenaline. No matter which model you choose, you can be sure that OK1 karts are sleek, modern, and fully featured, ensuring a great karting experience.


CRG is a well-respected kart manufacturer based in Brescia, Italy. The company operates from a 10,000-square-meter facility encompassing research, development, and production. CRG was established in 1986 and has a long history of participating in and winning international competitions. The company offers a range of racing models to meet different needs, including the Road Rebel, KT2, and the Black Mirror for youth karting.

CRG prides itself on producing karts that are both performant and long-lasting, with an eye-catching designs. The models feature innovative braking systems, adjustable rear and stub axles, and other design elements that set them apart from the competition. For those looking to get serious about go-kart racing, CRG is worth considering.

J3 Competition

J3 Competition is a leading kart manufacturer based in the USA, known for its prestige in competitive karting and numerous championships and titles globally. The company was founded in 2004 and started producing its chassis line, COMPKART, in 2014.

The Covert 3.0 R20 is the flagship model of the COMPKART line and boasts a robust 30mm steel structure and an advanced braking system to enhance speed and cornering performance. The Covert 4R-20 is versatile enough to adapt to different racing conditions with its 28mm and 30mm tubing, aluminum hubs, and magnesium wheels.

J3 Competition also offers rental models, allowing indoor and outdoor karting facilities to offer high-quality karts from one of the top competitive karting brands without needing to purchase them. With their bright neon yellow chassis and blue, red, and black accents, J3 Competition karts are easily recognizable.

Kosmic Kart

Kosmic Kart has been a leading Italian manufacturer in the competitive karting scene since 1996. Unlike many other karting brands, they emphasize visually showcasing their brand through their designs. The blue karts with fuchsia accents create a striking contrast easily recognizable on the race track.

Kosmic Kart is dedicated to producing some of the best quality karting chassis in the market. Their passion for excellence is evident in the 2015 win at the CIK-FIA World Championship, solidifying their position as industry leaders. The company embodies this passion in its new Mercury R model, a 30mm chrome molybdenum steel chassis with a new steering wheel design and graphics to stand out from the competition.

The Mercury R debuted in 2018 and won the title of World Champion, adding to the prestige of the Mercury series. Additionally, Kosmic Kart offers the Mini Rookie 2020 for the Mini CIK-FIA class and the Mini Kid for young racers aged 7-9. Overall, Kosmic Kart is a top choice for racers who value excellent functionality and a unique and visually appealing design.


Mach1 is a German company founded in 1968 by Lothar and Wilhelm Hetschel. It is known for producing high-performance karts for competitive use and has gained years of experience through its direct
involvement in various karting competitions. The company’s flagship model, the Mach1 FIA5 kart, is designed to be adjustable to suit different weather conditions and grip levels. Unique features of this kart include the Sniper Adjuster, HRP Vario steering rod, and the ability to alter the rear and front ride heights.

The FIA5 kart is made of 30mm tubing and is suitable for all kart racing categories. For those interested in an entry-level option, Mach1 also offers the CA2 kart. Despite its smaller size, this kart comes packed with many of the same features as the FIA5. For those not looking to compete, Mach1 also offers the RT2 EVO Rental kart, designed for go-kart racing facilities, and gives the feeling of racing at an affordable cost. The karts from Mach1 have a professional look with a largely white and blue color scheme and deliver top-notch performance on the racetrack.


Praga is a Czech Republic-based company with a long history dating back to 1907. Originally known for manufacturing automobiles, the company expanded into motorsports in the 1920s and has since grown to include a wide range of products, from trucks and agricultural vehicles to karts.

Praga’sPraga’s karts are renowned for their high performance and result from the company’scompany’s expertise in many different industries. With a wide range of models to choose from, including the high-performance Dragon Evo 2 and the entry-level Dark, Praga has a kart to suit everyone’severyone’s needs.

Before release, all Praga karts undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are safe, efficient, and of the highest quality. The company also offers two rental kart options – the Race Line for adrenaline-seeking individuals and the RTK line for amusement parks – so whether you’re looking for competitive racing or just some fun with friends, Praga has covered you. Praga karts are sure to turn heads on the track with their eye-catching blue and yellow design.


SODIKART is a French manufacturer of karts with a 35-year history of innovation and quality. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, SODIKART produces karts trusted by racers and rental facilities worldwide. The company offers a vast catalog of products under two main ranges – SODI Racing and SODI Rental – with options to suit drivers of all levels and interests.

The SODI Racing range includes the FURIA 950 for young drivers, the SIGMA DD2 for the ROTAX DD2 engine, and the SIGMA RS3 for various racetracks, while the SODI Rental range features models like the adrenaline-pumping SODI SPORT, the electric SODI LRX, and even the SODI KIDRACER for kids. No matter which model you choose, you can count on SODIKART to deliver high-quality, safe, and innovative karts built to last.

Tony Kart

Tony Kart is a well-known Italian company founded in 1958, known for its quality-focused, handcrafted kart chassis. Over the years, Tony Kart has maintained its commitment to quality and innovation, and the company offers a diverse range of karts to suit various needs and budgets. The high-performance Racer 401R and the entry-level Rookie model are just two examples of the many karts offered by Tony Kart.

In addition to their karts, Tony Kart provides various accessories and spare parts to enhance kart performance, allowing customers to custom-build their perfect kart. The company’s notable achievements include multiple world championships and numerous international races, making them a trusted name in the karting world. Tony Kart karts are designed to be safe, reliable, and deliver the thrill of racing, making them a great choice for serious racers and casual karters alike.


Exprit is a relatively new player in the European FIA Karting Championship, originating from and operating in Italy. The company is known for producing high-quality chassis for competitive karting, with visually striking karts in white with orange and blue lines. The karts are developed in partnership with the R&D expertise of the OTK Kart Group to ensure their quality.

The latest models, the Noesis R and Thoos R, feature, improved aerodynamics, a new steering wheel, and a better braking system. Exprit also offers Rookie 2020 and MINI KID models for young children. With its focus on high quality and performance, Exprit is quickly becoming a popular brand for those looking to take their go-kart racing to the next level.

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