Easy Guide to 7 Go-Kart Flags and Why They Are Important

go-kart flags

Every sport has rules and regulations that you need to follow, and racing is no different. In racing, we use seven different color flags. Each flag has a different meaning, so it’s important to understand the meaning of each.

For the most part, racing tracks will use the same set of go-kart flags to signal the drivers. Some tracks may use less than the standard amount of flags, but they will inform you of that before the race.

Why Do We Use Go-Kart Flags

Go-kart flags are used to relay messages to drivers on the track. Those messages can be anything from the start of the race to an emergency situation.

So if you are going to learn anything from this article, remember that go-kart flags are safety signals that are there to warn drivers of in race happenings and to prevent go-kart mistakes.

So without further ado, let’s look at what each flag represents in go-kart racing.

The Green Flag

green go-kart flag

The green flag is everybody’s favorite flag. It’s the flag that means, “GO!” Kart racers and their fans always get excited to see this flag. It comes out right after the emcee says, “Drivers, start your engines!”

Indeed, the green flag means the race has begun. In some situations, you might see a light system used in place of a flag, such as in drag racing. When you see the green flag come out, this means that you need to press down on that gas pedal and get your game face on.

This Anley Fly Breeze Green Flag is perfectly sized, so all drivers will be able to see it.

The Yellow Flag

yellow go-kart flag

You may not be able to hear the emcee, nor can you focus on what he or she is saying as you complete your race. So, who will be there to tell you to exercise caution when on the track?

This is where the caution flag comes in. Yellow means caution. It is like a traffic light; when we see yellow while driving, it means “slow down and prepare to stop.” Look for a yellow caution flag and pay close attention to what the race Marshall wants you to do. This is important to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Be sure you stay in your position, do not overtake another kart and slow down.

The Red Flag

red go-kart flag

When you see a red flag while you are karting, this means you have to stop. Treat this flag just as you would a stop sign on the road. When you see those signs, you must stop. 

What are some reasons for the red flag?

There could be an emergency on the track, such as an accident or obstruction on the track. Watch for marshals, medical crews, or pit crews out on the track.

Bring your kart to a complete stop.

No kart will be allowed to continue until the race is restarted. Stay in your kart. Do not get out unless instructed to do so. Once the hazard has been taken care of, the Marshall will tell you when it is safe to go again.

The Blue Flag

blue racing flag

This flag is unlike any other, and people new to karting often don’t know what it means. Many of the other flags are pretty obvious, but what does this one mean?

In sum, it means passing. This flag means that you are being overtaken by a driver going faster than you, and you have to give them the right of way. Be safe and move out of the race line. This way, the kart behind you can get around you safely, and you will avoid an accident.

It is annoying to be overtaken, but it’s best to give way so that accidents are prevented. Respecting other drivers it the number one rule of racing sport.

The Black Flag

black racing flag

When you see a black flag on the track, it means an infraction was committed. These infractions are mostly related to safety. Some causes include unsafe or reckless driving or actions that do not match the circuit’s code of conduct. It could also mean disqualification.

When you see a black flag waving at you, stop driving in an unsafe manner. If you are driving on your emotions, take it down a notch and remember that safety is the priority.

The White Flag

white racing flag

When it comes to the white flag, we don’t mean surrender. Instead, the track marshal will wave the white flag to signify that the last lap of the race is underway. It is your cue that you will soon be finishing the race. After all, it is easy to lose track of the lap count when you are focused upon other things.

When you see the white flag, give it your best. Do what you can to get ahead. After all, the flag that comes after this is the checkered flag!

The Checkered Flag

checkered racing flag

In go-kart racing, the checkered flag signifies that you will be completing the race as soon as you cross the finish line. It is the one go-kart racing flags most people recognize.

In racing, when you see the checkered flag, it’s time to give it your all and cross the finish line with pride. You are on the final stretch, so pour it on!

Finish Line

So there you have it, folks. I hope I was able to explain that each colored flag means in an easy to understand manner. If you still feel like you need help understanding go-kart flags, please let me know. I will gladly answer your questions.


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